Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Press Release: Farmer-Brewer Ruling

I figured I would post this, as it was emailed me from an intern in the Massachusetts State Treasurer's office yesterday afternoon. I figured it was a good thing to post, considering I learned on Facebook on Monday that the Farmer-Brewery license for Idle Hands Craft Ales was approved!


Treasurer Steven Grossman, as a long-time small businessman, was concerned that an ABCC decision that would have required small brewers to grow (or contract for) half their ingredients would have harmed many of those breweries and hurt the Massachusetts economy. Accordingly, the Treasurer and ABCC Chairwoman Kim Gainsboro announced on Monday, August 8 that the commission had withdrawn its decision.

The Treasurer and the Chairwoman also met with the leadership of the Massachusetts Brewers Guild and a number of small brewers from across the state. At that meeting, the Treasurer reiterated his belief that a workable solution must be developed on this issue that protects and creates jobs, supports the economy, and enhances the Commonwealth’s agricultural industry. Therefore, ABCC will hold a number of hearings to seek public comment about the ways in which the farmer brewer license can help maximize the performance of the Massachusetts-based brewing industry.

The hearings have not yet been scheduled. If you are interested in participating, please check our web site The schedule will be posted there.

We think that through such a public, transparent, and open process, the public and all the parties involved will have an opportunity to make their views known and help shape future policies. Additionally, we will work with the Legislature to determine if changes to the laws governing the brewing industry are warranted.

As the Treasurer has said, too often government fails to acknowledge when it makes a mistake. Farmer brewers have created 1,100 jobs in the Commonwealth and have boosted the hospitality and tourism sectors as well as creating a robust market niche for themselves. We are committed to ensuring that the industry and its small businesspeople will continue to have an opportunity to succeed and contribute the Massachusetts economy.

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