Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday Night Tasting: Ipswich Ale Brewery - Corn Bock

Ipswich Ale Brewery - Ipswich, MA
5 Mile Local Harvest 5 Mile Ales Corn Bock
6.8% ABV, 25 IBU, limited 22 oz bottles & draft

Aside from the 20th Anniversary Imperial Pale Ale and the Castle Hill Summer Barley Wine, we have yet to try any other limited releases by Ipswich Ale Brewery. That is by no means to say that we haven't enjoyed our share of beers by this North Shore Massachusetts, no, no. We have reviewed both the Ipswich Ale Brewery IPA and the Ipswich Ale Brewery Oatmeal Stout here at Brew England, but the Corn Bock is the first of the 5 Mile Ales that we've had the pleasure of sampling and reviewing.

The 5 Mile Local Harvest Corn Bock starts out by pouring a golden pale / reddish body. It features a light, foamy head that fades fairly quickly, but even after it fades into the beer, it keeps a sleek layer after the bulk of the head mellows out. It also has a plentiful carbonation level.

The aroma of the Corn Bock is noticeable malty. It's not too citrusy, especially considering it's only 25 IBU (technically, not all that hoppy), and it hints at a subtle sweetness to it.

While the name "Corn Bock" makes you think this may be not too pleasant, the beer actually takes you in another direction. The Ipswich Ale Brewery website states that they "...harvested Marini Farm's famous corn maze" to craft this particular beer, which lends to the straw cues in the body of the beer. It is full bodied, and quite malty, but finishes similarly sweet like its aroma.

The beer is definitely full bodied and silky smooth. This bock goes down easily, and finishes with a little alcoholic kick, but is pretty dry in the end.

The Corn Bock carries a moderate drinkability level. But, with this malt bomb, you might find it hard to finish off a bomber by yourself. When faced with a beer of this size, it's best to share with friends!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ipswich Ale 5 Mile Ale Series

Back in October we announced that Ipswich Ale Brewery was releasing a new 5 Mile Ale series. The limited release series seemed to be a response to all the hoopla brought out regarding the Farmer-Brewer licensing issues Idle Hands Beer Co. was experiencing last year. Nevertheless, Ipswich Ale released their Stock Ale using 50% of the beer's ingredients from Massachusetts, and at least one ingredient from within 5 miles of the brewery.

The second of the 5 Mile Ales released was the Pumpernickel Rye Porter, which was released over the winter. Unfortunately, eastern Massachusetts received a dose of snow, so we were unable to attend their launch. Much like the initial launch of the Stock Ale, we heard the launch of the Porter was a success, despite the unfavorable weather.

More recently, the brewery released their 5 Mile Corn Bock. This style seems a bit unusual, but that won't stop us from trying it. Truthfully, we haven't had the fortune to try any of the 5 Mile Ales; however, on a recent trip to Salem, MA, we found not only a bottle of the Pumpernickel Rye Porter, but also the Corn Bock.

With that being said, it's time to open some of these bottles. We realize that the content has been coming in slowly but surely, but we want to get back to providing some fresh, unique content. Therefore, we are going to open a fresh bottle of Corn Bock tonight, and provide a review for you tomorrow.

Have you had the Corn Bock? Have you had any of the 5 Mile Ales? Let us know what you think!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happenings at Jack's Abby Brewing

There are several things in the works for the Framingham, MA brewery Jack's Abby. If you haven't seen Jack's Abby Beers yet, that's a bit of a surprise. Previously only available on draft, their bottles - and several varieties/styles of beers - have been infiltrating many Massachusetts variety of package stores and fine craft beer stores. They are also constantly bringing on new draft orders, and can be found in some really great bars and restaurants.

As if they needed a reason to celebrate, they are coming up on their 1st Anniversary as a production brewery. Because of this, they are making a return to the place they kicked it off - British Beer Company Framingham. On Thursday July 19th, join the Hendler men as they tote their Lederhosen and 10 fresh, hand crafted beers, in a tap takeover.

If you can't make the BBC Framingham event, or even if you can make the event, the boys will be having another tap takeover. This time, the takeover will be at Meadhall in Cambridge, MA on Saturday July 21st.

Visit both the British Beer Company Framingham and Meadhall websites, not to mention the Jacks Abby Brewing website for full details on other cool events and beer news!

Finally, we received (yet another) press release.

In summary, the guys at Jack's Abby are expanding. In summary, the brewery has purchased a new 40 barrel bright beer tank, and two 40 barrel fermenters. This means, the brewery is going to be able to increase production, and meet more of the demand for their tasty beers!

Here is the official press release:

Jack's Abby Brewing Adds New Tanks, Increases Capacity

June 12, 2012 - Framingham, MA - Jack's Abby Brewing, an American craft brewer specializing in lagers, today announced the purchase of additional tanks that will allow for increased production to meet the growing demand for its lagers.

"In our first year of production we've seen an unexpectedly high level of demand for our lagers as well as our seasonal beers," said Jack Hendler, brewmaster at Jack's Abby. "These tanks will allow us to expand bottling and grow our line-up of seasonals and specialty beers"

The new tanks include one 40 brite beer tank and two 40 barrel fermenters. This will allow Jack's Abby to introduce new lagers and increase production.

According to Hendler, the first beer out of the new brite beer tank will be Red Tape Lager to be released one year from the original brew date.

"With the new tanks, we'll be bottling our barrel aged Biere de Garde Rye Lager aged with brettanomyces, a Summer IPL with ginger, grapefruit peel and buckwheat, Octoberfest, Wet Hop Lager, Kiwi Rising DIPL, and Saxonator through the end of the year," said Hendler. “We’ll also have various barrel-aged offerings including a sour version of our Leisure Time Lager.”

A picture of the new tank can be viewed at

About Jack’s Abby Brewing

Founded in January 2011 by three brothers who grew up in a family business, Jack’s Abby Brewing is a craft brewery specializing truly distinctive lagers featuring locally grown hops, traditional German brewing standards, and American innovation.

The name, Jack’s Abby Brewing, pays homage to co-founder Jack Hendler’s wife, Abby, while evoking the tradition of monastic groups in Europe who create handcrafted beers in their abbeys. The brothers are inspired by the tradition of craft brewing using quality local ingredients, mindful labor and great recipes to create delicious, authentic beer.

For more information, visit Jack's Abby's website at or their Facebook page at

Monday, June 4, 2012

BBC Manchester Opens Today!

We are happy to announce that the British Beer Company Manchester is officially open for business, beginning today! Sarah and I were in Manchester twice over the past few weeks, and saw the building making its transition from a Chilli's to the new BBC, and it was looking great! Well, they are officially open starting today.

If you have not been to a British Beer Company, you probably don't live in Massachusetts. Either that, or you haven't found a reason to visit one. Well, each British Beer Company boasts an impressive selection of great regional and national craft beer on draft - usually well over 20 taps, not to mention an even more extensive selection of bottles. They also tend to have some great beer available on cask.

Besides the great selection of beer, they also have a plethora of food items for you to order. Their food is consistent and is delicious! Manchester is in store for another great restaurant on South Willow Street.

Here is the official press release from BBC:

What: British Beer Company to open in Manchester, NH
Where: 1071 South Willow Street
When: June 4th, 2012
Why: 38 tap lines, 70 bottled and canned beers, 1 cask

The British are coming to Manchester, New Hampshire! June 4th 2012.

In Great Britain, Ireland and across Europe, the pub or “local” is the center of town life: a place to relax, refuel the body and spirit, share news and be entertained. The British Beer Company is excited to bring this same atmosphere and service to the American city of Manchester. The BBC is very serious about its pub culture - the bar and restaurant has to be as comfortable as strolling into a best friend’s living room. Pubs and taverns of yore are where patrons sought refuge traversing the English countryside, and where the seeds of the American Revolution took hold…thankfully, the BBC has superior libations and much loftier fare than the pubs of 1812.

The BBC offers an eclectic menu, an unparalleled beer selection from around New England and the world, vivacious cocktails, hand selected wines and a wide array of live entertainment. Customers will be able to settle in to one of the snugs (a private cozy booth) and enjoy a traditional flaky Pasty Pie (chicken and leek perhaps), Bangers and Mash (over bubble and squeak) or maybe a freshly baked pizza (traditional, gluten free or with multi grain dough).

Founded and based in New England with ten locations in Massachusetts, the BBC recently moved into the state of Rhode Island in Bristol - making Manchester the third state and the twelfth pub to open since being founded in 1997. Each location has a unique vibe and personality all its own, yet shares its best features with its other siblings – for example; the carefully crafted mahogany bars from the UK and the fact that there’s never a cover charge for live music. The BBC Manchester boasts 38 revolving tap lines of imported brews and specialty craft beers, 70 bottled and canned beers and a rotating line-up of cask conditioned ale. Unique lunch and dinner specials created by our executive chef James Gibney of Essex England are available daily (a couple weeks after the opening).

Whether it’s a business lunch, an after work get-together, a family dinner in friendly surroundings or a late night soirĂ©e fueled by great music over pints with friends…the BBC is destined to be Manchester’s newest local.

The official Grand Opening Party will take place on Saturday June 16th and will feature a live performance by Beatles tribute band Walrus Gumboot.

Media Contact:
Graham Wilson

British Beer Company
1071 South Willow St. Manchester, NH 03103
Open Sun-Wed 11:30am – Midnight. Thur – Sat 11:30am – 1am
Twitter: @BritishBeerCo

Friday, June 1, 2012

Brew U 2012

The dudes from sent me the following press release. It certainly sounds like it will be a lot of fun, so please take a minute to read and check out their website for more details! They'll be having a ton of your favorite New England breweries involved as well, not to mention you can pick and choose which aspects of the U you want to take part in.

Here are the details:

AMESBURY, MA ( May 25, 2012) - The Amesbury Sports Park has teamed up with to host the first Annual Brew University on June 22nd and 23rd. Brew University, also known as Brew U, is a two day celebration of craft beer -- unlock the mysteries of craft beer and have fun doing it!

What: First Annual Brew U
Where: Amesbury Sports Park - 12 South Hunt Rd. Amesbury, MA 01913
When: Friday June 22nd and Saturday 23rd, 2012
Tickets: Different packages are available by clicking here.

As part of the celebration, Brew U starts with a VIP beer dinner on Friday, followed by an all day brew event on Saturday. Experience the world of beer with homebrew demonstrations, beer olympics, live music, craft beer 101, brew yourself homebrew class and more. This event is like no other!

“Following up on the success of their Fall Craft Beer Festival, Brew U is a perfect partnership for”, says Sean. “With a perfect location and a team of knowledgeable craft beer ambassadors, this event will be legendary.”

With packages designed for everyone, Brew U is the perfect gift for father’s day!

Brew U Event Overview:

Friday, June 22nd
VIP Beer Dinner - Q&A session with local craft brewers and a fabulous pairing meal.

Saturday, June 23rd
Home Brewing Demonstrations

Education Courses

Craft Beer 101 Course - learn the ins and out of craft beer with
Food and Beer Pairing - Experience the 5th sense: Umami! (presented by Sam Adams)
Spot the Flaw - Learn how to tell what’s wrong with your beer!
Beer Mixology -Learn how to mix and pair beer with juices, spices and foods for a truly unique cocktail experience (Co-hosted by Baxter Brewing)
Home Brew Workshop presented by A&G Homebrew Supply from Portsmouth NH.
Beer Trivia - Get your Trivia on!

Beer Olympics

Competitive games organized by coordinator Anthony Hurrell, which include an Obstacle Course Relay, Log Toss, Long Distance Beer Pong, Bottlecap Archery, Clamp and Gasket Puzzle, Long Distance Pour and more. Compete for the highest score and the quickest times --- to win prizes!

Brewery Sampling Hour with the folks from Baxter Brewing, Harpoon Brewery, Long Trail Brewery, Notch Brewery, Woodchuck Cider, Sam Adams, Ithaca Brewery, Ipswich Brewing, Peak Organic, and more.

Food, Music and Games check out summer tubing, play cornhole, ride the Zorb ball, eat, drink and listen, or be the day’s loudest Olympics cheering section, and get a prize for being super loud


Beer related and other fun vendors are welcome. Contact the park directly at 978-388-5788 and ask for Jennifer for details on getting a table.

Information and Registration

For complete details on all of the events during Brew U, visit, and join the conversation on twitter using #2012BrewU hashtag.

To register online for classes, entry, or Olympics participation, go to

About Amesbury Sports Park

The Amesbury Sports Park is the host of several 10,000+ person race events (Spartan Race, Color Run, Run For Your Lives), 10,000 person musical chairs event, local charity events with thousands in attendance, Carnivals, Pumpkin Chucking, gourmet wine or beer dinners with food rivaling any multiple star restaurant, and MVDC's annual exclusive Brew fest...

About is a team of like-minded craft beer lovers, spreading the good word about craft beer. We are craft beer drinkers and, more importantly, craft beer educators. Founded in 2006, 2Beerguys has been devoted to spreading their passion of the craft beer world. Originating primarily as craft beer reviewers, they have molded their organization into one of the premier craft beer education providers in New England, and are proud ambassadors for the craft beer industry. Their passion has taken them on a wild ride of home brewing and beer education. believes that you deserve a better beer. With that in mind, visit for more information and, as always, “Drink Craft Beer. You’ve earned it!”