Monday, January 3, 2011

A Wishful Thinking Letter to Gritty McDuff's

Dear Mr. McDuff,

I write to you today as I am a big fan of your beers. I am equally as big of a fan of your Portland brewpub. It is my hope that you will decide to open a new location, in my (current) home town of Braintree, MA. Sure, we’re outside of Maine, but that’s okay. Massachusetts is home of many great breweries, such as Harpoon Brewery, Samuel Adams, Mayflower Brewing Company, and many more. If Sea Dog Brewing can open up shop in Massachusetts, why can’t Gritty’s?

It seems almost every week I get an email from your company telling me about the great benefits of being a member of the Mug Club, or your happy hour specials. I mean, who can beat a burger for $5.99 and $3 beers? And on top of that, you give away free tickets to professional hockey games and brew beer specifically for pro basketball teams? I mean, c’mon. That’s just too awesome!

It’s just not fair that I have to travel 20-30 minutes to hit anything remotely resembling a brewpub. There used to be a Rock Bottom right down the street, but they unfortunately closed their brewery doors a few years ago. Though, I must say…your Old Port brewery is one of my favorite places to grab lunch and a few pints in the summer while visiting my parents in Old Orchard Beach. The great food, the fantastic copper bar top, the awesome beer…

I hope you will strongly consider expanding your enterprise into the great Commonwealth. Hey, we just got rid of the 6.25% tax on alcohol, so that should help business! Oooooh, wait. Brewers are still taxed an insane amount per barrel of beer they brew, though I’m sure Maine gets you guys on that one too!


Adam Meuse

...maybe I should send this? If you're not on the Gritty McDuff's email list, and live near Maine, I recommend signing up!

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