Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekend Preview

It seems like it's a relatively slow weekend in Boston in the beer event world, but that doesn't mean that you can't create your own adventures!

Provided the weather gets better - which according to most of the Boston area weather guessers it's supposed to happen, Sarah and I are scheduled to take a tour of the Blue Hills Brewery in Canton, MA this evening. After posting my review of their Dunkelweizen Wampatuck Winter Wheat, I was contacted by their Twitter guru Jim and was asked if I would like to stop by their facility. Surprisingly, we haven't visited their brewery yet, even though we technically live one or two towns over from them.

If that wasn't enough, Sarah, myself, and a few members of the Boston Brewin' Homebrewers Club are also going to check out Cape Ann Brewing's new digs up in Gloucester, MA tomorrow during the day. Sarah and I visited their old brewery back in March of last year and had a great time. It was actually then where we learned of their plans to move across the street into a new building, where they would have a full brewpub with better retail capabilities.

Provided we don't have our fill at Cape Ann (which I'm sure we will, but what the hell?), we'll be heading back to Salem, MA to visit The Old Spot or possibly Salem Beer Works. The only Beer Works restaurants I haven't been to are in Salem and Lowell, although I've had plenty of opportunities to go to both. We'll see where the day takes us, but there is definitely enough to do in the area to keep us busy.

You can expect a full write up of each activity, and of course I'll be keeping people update on Twitter the whole time. If you have not already began following us (@BrewEngland), please do! We're also available on Facebook, so please head over to "Like" the page!

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