Saturday, January 29, 2011

Escape to the Cape...technically

I'm excited for this evening. Tonight, Sarah and I are heading back to one of our favorite places - the Mayflower Brewing Co. brewery in Plymouth, MA.

A few weeks ago while I was working the Beer Summit's Winter Jubilee, I ran into Ryan Conn from Mayflower. It's funny, because I have run into him at each of the beer events I've been to over the past year, not to mention when we visited the brewery last August. Knowing their company was going to be there, I figured I would run into him. Anyway, he invited Sarah and I down to the brewery for a small gathering, beer tasting, and tour. Naturally, I said we'd be there.

Aside from being a generally good time, the folks at Mayflower Brewing Co. have been busy. Since our last visit, they have added a new bar space (found out through their website). In addition, as I found out from Ryan at the Beer Summit, they have expanded their brewery floor. When we visited in August he had told us they were in the works of acquiring the suite next to theirs at their brewery, in order to expand their production.

If these additions and improvements to their brewery wasn't enough, I just learned this morning that Mayflower is extending their reach. They are happy to announce that they will begin distributing in Rhode Island, beginning next week. Previously Mayflower Brewing only distributed in Massachusetts, so this is a big step for this small, yet up and coming brewery! I couldn't be happier for them.

So, we're very much looking forward to revisiting the brewery and checking out the new space. It'll also be great as Mayflower Brewing Co. was the first brewery to confirm to the "Cure Me I'm Irish" event coming up on March 5th, so it'll be nice to meet some of the other people who we'll be working with. If we're lucky, we'll get to try their newest limited release beer, an Imperial Stout aged on Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. I hear it's impressive!

You can expect a full write up on our visit soon, not to mention a several Tweets from both Sarah (@pinkshoe) and I (@brewengland).

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Sarah said...

Looking forward to it!! Love Mayflower!