Thursday, January 13, 2011

BrewEngalnd at the Beer Summit's Winter Jubilee

This seems like it has been a long week. There has been plenty of beer to consume at home, but tomorrow will be a nice little reward for the long week. Tomorrow opens up the annual Winter Jubilee, put on by, and I will be there in a volunteer capacity.

Why volunteer you ask? Well first and foremost, there will be an incredible line up of brewers there, and will feature a significant amount of New England brewers. Some of the brewers that I've tried are: Berkshire Brewing, Shipyard, Mercury (they make Ipswich Ale), Mayflower Brewing, Cape Ann Brewing, The Tap, Paper City, Tuckerman, Trinity Brewhouse, and more. However, they will also have some NE area brewers I haven't had, such as High & Mighty, Cody Brewing, Wormtown Brewing, and Kennebec River.

I'm not sure which beers each brewery will be bringing, but I do know that I'm very excited to try some old favorites, and new beers from those I've had. I'm equally as excited to try some brand new beers!

Some other breweries I'm looking forward to sampling from out of the New England area will be, of course - Dogfish Head, Heavy Seas, Southern Tier, and Boulder, but truthfully I'll probably try a little from most all of them.

The other great thing about tomorrow's event is that I'm going to do some networking with some potential new readers as well as the breweries there. See, Beer Summit looks for volunteers to help out with coat check, ID check, beer pouring, and the food station, and will do what they can to rotate people through the different stations. My buddy Joe will be volunteering with me, so I'll at least know one person, but I'm looking forward to meeting some new people. Even with the volunteers helping out, there will be many representatives from the different breweries present, pouring samples of their liquid gold.

In all, the Winter Jubilee will feature 63 different breweries, and at least 50 per session. Tomorrow night kicks off the first of three sessions, and runs from 5:30-9pm. Saturday has two sessions, with the first from 12:30-4pm and the second from 5:30-9pm. Tickets are still available here, and includes a commemorative tasting cup and live music. Food is available for purchase as well.

If you're going, and you spot me, please stop by and say hello!


Brian said...

Super Jealous! Have fun, looking forward to a writeup about this!

BrewEngland said...

Yeah Brian, it will hopefully be a lot of fun! I'll definitely put up a review for it.