Thursday, January 6, 2011

British Beer Company Opens New Location

If you weren't aware, the British Beer Company - a Massachusetts based restaurant company, opened their 10th location last week in Franklin, MA. My buddy Mike lives in Franklin and told me a few months ago that the BBC was planning on opening a new location in his town, but I hadn't heard that they in fact opened. But, as I was cruising through the blog of Norman Miller, aka: the Real Beer Nut, today, I found out that they have.

Here's the official press release:

"The British are coming to Franklin, Massachusetts!

In Great Britain, Ireland and across Europe, the pub or “local” is the center of town life: a place to relax, refuel the body and spirit, share news and be entertained. The British Beer Company is excited to bring this same atmosphere and service to the community of Franklin.

The BBC offers an eclectic menu, unparalleled beer, wine and cocktail choices and an array of free live entertainment at all their locations. Settle in to one of the several snugs (a private cozy booth) and enjoy a traditional flaky Pasty Pie (chicken and leek perhaps), a crisp Wensleydale salad or a tasty bar pizza (traditional, gluten free or with multi grain dough). Most important; the BBC wants customers to relax and enjoy themselves. At the BBC servers don’t throw a check on the table before the meal is done and rush customers out the door.

Massachusetts owned and operated, the BBC is a refreshing alternative to the surrounding cookie cutter chain restaurants. It’s easy to see why they’re growing so fast – with Franklin being the tenth BBC location to open in Massachusetts since being founded in 1997. Each location has a unique vibe and personality all its own, yet shares its best features with its other siblings – for example, the carefully crafted mahogany bars shipped in from the UK. The BBC in Franklin boasts 36 tap lines of imported brews and specialty craft beers, 91 bottled beers from around the World and Franklin’s first cask conditioned ale. Live entertainment at the BBC is always free with live bands Friday and Saturday nights. Unique lunch and dinner specials are available daily (a couple weeks after the opening).

Whether it’s a business lunch, an after work get-together, a family dinner in friendly surroundings or a late night soirĂ©e fueled by great music over pints with friends…the BBC is destined to be Franklin’s new and only local."

Sarah and I during our first visit to BBC Walpole

If you haven't been to a BBC, you really should go. To date Sarah and I have been to the Pembroke location once and the Walpole location several times; however, we plan on visiting the Franklin restaurant soon! They always seem to have a great line up of American Craft Beers as well as some great British offerings - typically by Fuller's (and a few others). They also have a very extensive bottle selection; however, I have kept exclusively to the draft beers so far.

Although we haven't reviewed any of the restaurants, you can expect one soon. We haven't visited the Walpole location in a few months, but on a good day we can get there in about 10 minutes. The food is great, the beer is equally as good, and the service is typically very good. They have had a few bad reviews on Yelp, but honestly we have never experienced anything close to that. So, if you find yourself anywhere near one of these restaurants, definitely stop in for a bite to eat and a few pints!

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