Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday Night Tasting - Smuttynose Brewing Co: S'muttonator

Smuttynose Brewing Co. - Portsmouth, NH
The Smuttynose Big Beer Series
S'muttonator* Double Bock Beer
9.5% ABV, 22oz, Bottle Conditioned in 2010

With a return to the beautiful seacoast town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire coming up on Saturday, we thought it would be fitting to dedicate this week's Tuesday Night Tasting to one of our favorite NH breweries - Smuttynose Brewing Co. I purchased this bottle a little while back at Bin Ends in Braintree, and finally cracked it open last night.

The S'muttonator ours a rich, dark, red liquid with hints of orange. The head is medium and with a brownish hue, it fades into the liquid fairly quickly. The beer is cloudy, and has a nice carbonation level.

The aroma has muted tones of caramel and sweet malt. The flavor certainly compliments the aroma, yet takes full charge of the beer! After my first sip I thought "Oooh...that's good!" The S'muttonator is really smooth, and features a full body. Tones of toffee and caramel really shine in this beer. It's slightly bitter, yet nice and malty. The hops are hidden, but are not unnoticed. Sarah commented that the flavor reminder her of " a blondy and a brownie, combined with hops." The brew has a nice layer of butterscotch in its finish.

The beer has a full, not not too heavy of a mouth feel. It's definitely smooth, and finishes on the sweet side.

I'd also give the beer a moderate drinkability. Considering this Smuttynose offering clocks in at almost 10% ABV, it certainly packs a punch. The S'muttonator is a really nice beer, and one bottle is more than enough for most people. It can be drank in one sitting, but is probably best if shared with friends!

*This beer takes 30 hours to brew. It is said to be a "mixture of German ingredients and good ol' fashioned New England Tenaciousness." That's how we like our beer here at Brew England!

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