Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brew England Has A New Logo!

So, as I promised yesterday on our Facebook page, Brew England has a new logo! It was designed by my friend and talented web designer Chris Cappella. We had spent a few hours in studious meetings (read: mostly at restaurants over drinks) sharing ideas, and I really think we've captures the essence of what we're about here in the new logo!

Along with the new logo comes new business cards too, which shipped yesterday and should be at my door tomorrow - just in time for this Saturday's "Cure Me I'm Irish" event!

Anyway, I hope everyone likes the new logo as much as we do here! Also, if you're in need of any web design or graphic design, please check out Chris's website - www.chriscappella.com!


Lost said...

Nice! Good stuff.


BrewEngland said...

Thank you kindly!