Monday, March 7, 2011

Additional Sponsors for Cure Me I'm Irish

It was a busy return to work today, so I apologize for not giving a full recap of the "Cure Me I'm Irish" event. That will come in all likelihood tomorrow. For now, I need to write the following post:

There were a few additional companies that donated to the "Cure Me I'm Irish" event that I didn't get a chance to mention.

The first was Shop & Save Liquors in Quincy. I recently met the owner Dave, and he was kind enough to donate a gift certificate to the event. Shop & Save is one of my local package stores, which I frequent typically once or twice a week. Although his craft beer selection is small, it is growing. I've had a few lengthy conversations with him, and have recommended some really good beers.

Additionally, I hooked up with Neil Kiley, the proprietor of the amazing Fat Cat restaurant in Quincy. If you haven't been to Quincy, or haven't been to Fat Cat, you are missing out on some good eats. They have THE best Mac & Cheese you will find on the South Shore and likely anywhere else, not to mention a slew of other incredible dishes. If that wasn't enough, Fat Cat always has some great beers on tap. Recently we found Mayflower Brewing Co.'s Pale Ale, Berkshire Brewing Co.'s Cabin Fever, and Harpoon Munich Dark to name a few!

Another VERY generous donor was Cabot Creamery, a Vermont based cheese company (who we loved even prior to their donation). I'm sure everyone who reads this is familiar with Cabot, but I must say they are an extremely generous company. They donated enough for three to four gift baskets, complete with an apron, cutting board, and four to five blocks of cheese!

Finally, Wachusett Brewery sent me a nice little package that helped out quite a bit on Saturday. They included a HUGE package of bottle opener key chains, a sleeve of coasters, and a great long-sleeved t-shirt. These donations helped span the two hour beer tasting, and left guests with a nice little grab prize!

So, thanks again to those who donated to the event, and again there will be more info on the event as a whole VERY soon!

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