Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And We're Back!!

...sort of, anyway.

Sorry for the unannounced, unplanned long departure from the blogging world, but it was a much over due break. Truthfully, I wanted to check back in with everyone to let you know what's been going on, and keeping us from posting.

First of all, I (Adam) am a part-time student at UMass Boston, in addition to a full time worker, and am currently in my final semester. I have been worked to death (in both places), and have had to exert extra effort to keep up with two of the most demanding courses I've faced - MGT 490: Strategic Management, and MATH 134 - Calculus. I've handled the Strategic Management course just fine, although I'm currently working on a 15-20 page paper (conveniently a paper on AB-InBev and the Boston Beer Company) due in about a week and a half. Calculus, well that's an entirely different monster.

On top of that, Sarah and I are getting married next month, so we have been putting what we hope to be the finishing touches on the planning in the next few weeks. What do we have for food? Do I get one of the Ipswich Ale Brewery's Tap Mobiles? Do I get kegs of fine craft beer from our friends at Mayflower Brewing Co.? Do we even have to think if we should visit the Unibroue Brewery on our honeymoon? These are just some of the questions I've been asking myself lately...

Nevertheless, with the amount of entries we did for the first three months, plus work, plus school, plus planning a wedding and honeymoon, there was a need for a break.

I didn't just break from entries, I basically took the month off from all social media and craft beer all together...well, as best as I could. Every now and then (this time took about 2 1/2 years) I need to take a prolonged period of time off from craft beer to, what I consider, dull down my taste buds. I drank cheap beer for a few weeks - or this time all of April, though I had the occasional Sam Adams, by the 30 pack, and then May rolled in and I'm making a triumphant return to the finer beer!

Anyway, we are officially back! We may not get to post as often as before, but once the semester is done and the wedding is a not-so-distant memory, we will crank this motha back up!

There are a lot of beer events taking place in the month of May, which I could not be more excited for. I have a lot to share, and will be posting more this week FOR SURE!

Thanks for sticking with us during our short break!

Adam & Sarah

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