Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2011 ACBW Day #3: Avery Brewing Co - White Rascal

Avery Brewing Co. – Boulder, CO
White Rascal – Belgian Style Ale
5.6% ABV, 12 oz

This Belgian style ale is brewed with a few added ingredients, such as malted wheat, coriander, and Curacao orange peel. It is also labeled with the slogan “Deviously Delicious,” which is hard to disagree with.

The beer reveals a nice hazy pale yellow color, with a fluffy, gentile, and velvety white head sitting on top of the brew. It is unfiltered with ample carbonation. With the “Belgian Swirl” (saving the last few ounces and swirling in the bottle before pouring into the glass), the head floats upon the liquid for some time!

The aroma of the White Rascal is very fruity, typical of most Belgian style beers. It gives off a slight banana ester, and is VERY inviting!

The flavor of the beer is soft and silky smooth. Avery’s beer coats your tongue with a citrus and fruity blend of liquid goodness. For an American Belgian style white, this might be one of the best I’ve had. It finishes with a subtle spiciness, most likely from the coriander and yeast strain.

The White Rascal has a moderate mouth feel. Again, this has a silky smooth feel to it, and it gives a decent coating of your tongue and mouth. It’s very nice.

This with out a doubt holds a high drinkability factor. It’s very pleasant and gentle, event at close to 6% ABV. This is a great late spring / all summer long beer and another great brew from Avery Brewing Co.

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