Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 ACBW Day #1: Tröegs Brewing Company - Sunshine Pils

Tröegs Brewing Co. - Harrisburgh, PA
Sunshine Pils - German Style Pilsner
5.3% ABV, 45 IBU, 12 oz

This is the summer seasonal beer from Tröegs Brewing Company, and is available from April through September each year.

The beer pours a pale yellow liquid with a minimal head. Granted, the Tröegs website suggest the beer is poured in a Pilsner flute, the pint glass I used resulted in a short head, which disappears rather quickly. It does, however, have a nice moderate carbonation level.

The Sunshine Pils gives off a pale malty scent. To me, I found it hard to identify much floral and hoppiness, despite the fact that this beer clocks in at 45 IBU. I also didn't pick up much for floral or bitter characteristics.

The pilsner has a medium bodied flavor - the malt definitely takes the reigns on this beer. It finishes rather dry, and with a smooth ending. Overall, the Sunshine Pils has a rather minimal mouth feel. Not exactly watery, but light in flavor and body. It does seem similar to most pilsners I have had though.

If you're a pilsner fan, you would probably enjoy the Tröegs Sunshine Pils. It's light enough to enjoy a few in a sitting, and considering it has a light body and a smooth finish, it seems to be a decent pilsner summer offering. For me though, I wasn't a particularly big fan, so I would rate the drinkability rather low. In all fairness though, pilsners don't rate near the top of my preferred beer style.

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