Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brew England Visits: Tavolo

We were dashing out the door to one of our fave restaurants last Friday when Adam had to go back inside and grab the camera. "Why?" I asked him.

Now before I go on you should know that Adam has a crazy memory when it comes to what's on tap. He can go to a bar just once but remember pretty much exactly what beer they had available on tap. Kind of like how I make mental notes of which bars have "good" cocktail olives (have to be large, pimento free and bonus if stuffed with some kind of blue cheese). But not nearly as useful.

Anywho he remarked that we should mention the restaurant, Tavolo, because they have so many great New England beers on tap (in fact all but two are from this area)! I agreed and so off we headed.

Tavolo, located on Dorchester Avenue right next to the Ashmont T Stop, is an Italian restaurant/bar that has cool loungey feel. The space was recently renovated and is gorgeous!

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 018

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 019

The food is far above par, to say the least. They have delicious gourmet pizzas (My fave is the Goat Cheese), a to die for antipasto platter and obscenely delicious pasta dishes (if you, do yourself a favor and get the shrimp scampi). Check out the full menu here.

They have a great Italian wine list, and they also throw together a mean cocktail, such as the refreshing and sweet (but not too sweet) "Fancy Lady"

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 026

I know, I know. A pink drink named Fancy Lady has no place in a beer blog but it's really good! Ok moving on...

Most importantly for us and the purposes of this website, they have a great selection of New England beer on tap!

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 015

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 013

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 031

As you can see, out of eight on tap, six are from New England! They offer Harpoon UFO, Harpoon Baltic Porter (from the Leviathan series), Harpoon IPA, Allagash, Sam Adams Noble Pils and Longtrail Ale.

And in none of those pique your palate there is also a good selection of New England brews by the bottle including Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter and Geary's London Porter, Ipswich Stout and Naragansett Lager.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 022

Figuring their bevy of New England brews was no mistake, Adam chatted with the owner, Chris, who confirmed that he, as a small business owner, likes to support other local small business owners! He purposefully chooses to offer beer from smaller, "self made" local breweries because it's something he believes in. We think that's awesome!

So stop by Tavolo the next time you want some fantastic Italian food and a delicious local brew. If you go on a Friday night tell Brian and Donna that we said hi! They are super friendly and cocktail mixing/beer pouring virtuosos.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 023

Tavolo Ristorante is located at
1918 Dorchester Avenue (in the Carruth) in Dorchester.
It's T accessible via the red line!

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 042

See you there!

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