Monday, March 15, 2010

Brew England Visits: The Trinity Brew House

There was a time in my life when I went to Providence several times a week. Usually after 11PM. Accompanied by a group of girlfriends. And we mainly visited such places as Lupos, Bootlegger's (RIP!), and The Complex. Even though we all hailed from Boston, there was something about Providence nightlife that was infinitely more appealing. I think it was the general lack of ID checking but that is a story for another time. and another blog.

The point is, I don't get down to Providence that much anymore. which is a shame. Adam and I went a few years ago for Water Fire and had a great time, in part due to the discovery of a fantastic little brew pub known as The Trinity Brewhouse. Located on Fountain Street in downtown Providence, Trinity is a brewpub and restaurant offering up an affordable menu of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and homey entrees like Cottage Pie and Fish & Chips. The food, is delicious (especially the fries, if what you order comes with them you are in for a treat!) and the perfect accompaniment to their selection of freshly brewed beer!

Now, we had planned a weekend away and part one of this weekend away was to take place in Providence. Armed with tickets to the Providence Bruins game we headed down to Providence in the afternoon and checked into out hotel (The Hilton, which is conveniently located next to the Dunkin Donuts Center and across the street from Trinity). and then headed over to Trinity for a pre-game dinner.

We had no idea that on game nights it fills up really quickly so we were quite lucky to secure seats at the downstairs bar. Our bartender was quick and nice and immediately got us menus and took our drink orders. We decided, as one must always decide when at an infrequently visited brew pub, to have the beer sampler.

The sampler is offered at almost all brewpubs/micro-breweries and is a great way to get to know their selection. Trinity's selection was as follows.

1) The Kolsch - Crisp, light and smooth. Super easy to drink.
2) Tommy's Red Ale - Adam and I are both increasingly loving red ale. This one was unexpectedly hoppy for a red and had a nice rich malty aftertaste
3)Artisinal Belgian Amber - All of the flavor of a typical belgian with a deep amber color.
4) Rhode Island IPA - VERY BITTER. Almost obnoxiously hoppy. That is my opinion though Adam the Hop Head loved it.
5) Marzen - I had in my tasting notes for this one "odd" and neither myself or Adam could pinpoint any particular taste other than simply "odd". It is worth trying if simply only to school us on WHAT exactly it is supposed to taste like.
6) Larkin's Irish Stout - This one was my fave/ Super smooth, chocolatey with a hint of vanilla and roasted malt. Yum!

These were the beers on tap on Friday but our bartender told us they are constantly changing them out, though the IPA and Kolsch are more or less constants. So it';s always worth it to get the sampler in order to figure out what to drink with your meal!

Another neat thing about Trinity is their brewing process. It begins in tanks behind the upstairs bar, and is piped down to tanks behind the downstairs bar to ferment - then piped into cooling tanks and then from their directly pumped into their tap lines. That's pretty unusual and amazing! And why their beer tastes incredibly fresh.

The Trinity has a mug club that with a little luck (and $50) let's you keep a large glass mug behind the bar, decorated how you wish, for your use when you visit the pub.

There were quite a few mug club members there the night we visited, and we enviously eyed their substantially bigger mugs while clutching our pints. They could not have been a more friendly crowd though and we had a lot of fun with everyone. That is the other thing about brew pubs is if you sit at the bar, you're bound to be seated amongst friends. Shout out to Kev-O and Shoe!

So in conclusion, of you are interested in good food, good beer and a good time you should head down to Providence (only about 40 minutes from Boston) and hit up the Trinity Brewpub. If you need more of an excuse to go, don't forget that Waterfire starts next weekend and runs every weekend through the summer!

The Trinity Brewpub is located at 186 Fountain Street, Providence RI.
Click here for directions.

***Stay tuned for a kickass contest! The contest rules and prize will be reveealed in our next write up.***

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Anonymous said...

I have been to the Trinity many times and is great if you just want beer. It is very fresh and they do brew a nice variety that changes often. The food is just ok at best. Their burgers aren't bad but nothing I have ever ordered there has blown me away.
The real downside though is the staff. With the exception of one bartender, a guy with shaggy hair and a beard, all of the employees seem to have the Hipster wannabe, "Too cool for you" attitude. The last time I was there a female bartender with blonde hair who saw me come in, saw me sit almost right in front of her at the bar couldn't be bothered interrupting her conversation with another employee for 18 minutes to even greet me let alone ask me what I wanted! Yes,I timed it. Another time I went there and sat at a table with four other people and got ignored by a waiter for at least 15 minutes after we sat down. When I finally got his attention and told him we'd like to order some drinks he gave me the eye roll and some attitude in his voice.

It's for these reasons that I don't go as often as I would. It's also for these reasons that when I was planning a huge surprise party for my wife with 50 or so people they were quickly eliminated from consideration eventhough she likes it there too.
So if any of your readers plan to go there, I hope they know not to expect much in the way of service.

BrewEngland said...

Hey Andrew,

Thank you for your comment. I have to say though, Sarah and I have not shared that same experience on the two occasions we visited the Trinity Brew House. It sucks to hear about your bad service, but the few times we've been there it has been good.

I hope you enjoyed the site.