Friday, March 12, 2010

Brew England Visits: The Fox and Hound

At least two nights a week Sarah and I opt to dine out at one of Quincy’s finest establishments: Grumpy Whites, the Stadium, Fuji, Fat Cat, etc. It’s also not unlikely for us to have a night cap at Fox & Hound, which is right down the street from our apartment. Well, last night happened to be one of those nights. After dinner, Keno, and scratch tickets (I won $110 on the new Las Vegas ticket!) at Grumpy’s, we hopped in the car for the short 30 second drive to F&H to grab a drink.

After ordering a Shipyard Export, Sarah and I quickly got into a conversation with our favorite bartender Wendy (as we usually do) and began discussing our website. It was then when it dawned on me that six of their eight taps belong to New England breweries. We have been going there for over five years, and while their draft selection has varied, there have been some staples- mainly Smuttynose IPA and Magic Hat #9.

What’s on tap you say? Well, if you visit the Fox & Hound, which is at 123 Sea Street in Quincy, you’ll currently find the following line up: Harpoon Celtic Ale (formerly Hibernian Ale), Newcastle Brown Ale, Smuttynose IPA, Magic Hat #9, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Wachusett Blueberry, Shipyard Export, and Harpoon IPA. Over the past two weeks or so they added the Celtic Ale, spelling the Longtrail White. They also currently have Sam Adams and Sam Light in bottles, and have had Longtrail Ale in the past as well.

Wendy, working the tap!

Their menu is great too, which features classic American comfort food, with entree prices $13 to $23. We have eaten there too many times to count and are regularly seen there many a Saturday night. Stop by and say hello to Wendy and tell her Adam and Sarah sent you!

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Christine Liu said...

Nice local brew spotting! Congrats on the scratch ticket win (yessssss) & thanks for the Fox & Hound post. Happy spooning! Cheers, Christine {at} urbanspoon {dot} com