Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beer Brat Burgers

Over the summer Adam got heavily into beer brats. They're easy to prepare, delicious and really a summer staple for us. Since the weather has taken a decidedly UNSUMMERY turn I felt last night that we needed a pick me up. I thought it would be fun to turn the summery deliciousness that is a beer brat into a burger. The results? Amazing. And super easy to prepare.

I used the Sam Adams Boston Lager since it's particularly delicious with brats and because we happened to have a few bottles of it in the fridge. Also, this recipe makes 8 burgers - I only needed 4 so I reserved the remaining meat for a lasagna later this week. Alternatively you could you can always freeze the burgers you don't need before grilling.

These came out really great - all the taste of a beer brat in a burger form. We will definitely be having these again.

Beer Brat Burgers
1 lb ground turkey
1 lb brats (I like Johnsonville but use what you like!)
1 large yellow onion, sliced into thick rings
Potato rolls
1 bottle Sam Adams Boston Lager
Spicy Brown Mustard

Slice the brats lengthwise down the middle and remove the casing.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 002 12-26-10 - FRIDAY 003

Place meat in large bowl. Combine with ground turkey using your hands. You want to make sure the two meats are well blended but don't overdo it. If there are still a few small chunks of brat here and there that's ok (and delicious).

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 004

Shape the meat into patties of equal size, using your thumb press an indent into the center of each one (this helps them cook more evenly).

Refrigerate the patties for about 30 minutes (chilling helps them stay together beautifully).

In the meantime, pour your beer into a large, shallow pan and heat over medium heat until Hot. Add your onion.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 007 12-26-10 - FRIDAY 005 12-26-10 - FRIDAY 010

It may seem like 1 beer is not enough but the onions cook down quite nicely. Cook over medium heat for about half an hour (while your burgers are chilling!), adding salt and pepper as you see fit.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 013

Remove the onions from the pan after 30 minutes. Pour all but a couple of tablespoons of the liquid out. Add a splash of olive oil and heat over medium high heat.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 015

Add your patties.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 016

Cook about 5 minutes per side. flipping once.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 017

Place on toasted potato rolls. Top with as much of the beer onions as desired and top off with spicy brown mustard.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 021

Enjoy with whatever side you like. I made sweet potato fries and they were a great complement to the beer-y burgers.


Jenny said...

This looks AMAZING. I want it now! ;)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I put turkey bacon on as well and I think it was a good addition.