Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting - Samuel Adams: Stony Brook Red

This Tuesday we tasted yet another offering from Sam Adam's Barrel Room Collection (thanks anon!)- The Stony Brook Red! It's a Flanders Red Belgium style ale with 9% ABV and Pale and Aromatic malts.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 011

If you recall from our last tasting, these bottles are not a cinch to open but we were prepared this time!

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 019

This dark red beer pours with a large head that quickly fades to a thin film.

12-26-10 - FRIDAY 021

It has a crisp mouth feel, a toasty body and a tart fruit finish. What surprised me the most about this beer was how easy to drink it was. It has definitely has a chug factor - it would be entirely too easy to put a few of these away! I ascribe this quality to the oak barrels the beer is aged in, the same bottles used for aging brandy in Italy.

It would be absolutely divine paired with some hearty cheese or a slow cooked meat dish.

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