Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Contest: NH BrewFest at Redhook

As announced last week, Redhook Ale Brewery in Portsmouth, NH is the host for the 3rd Annual NH BrewFest on Saturday October 15th, and we have a pair of VIP Session Tickets to give away!

Just a quick reminder about the finer points to the festival overall:

- 30+ Breweries
- 100+ Beers
- Live Music
- Food
- Session 1 runs 1-4pm
- VIP Session 1 gets you in at 12pm, an hour before the general public
- Session 2 runs 6-9pm

Now to the important to win the FREE VIP SESSION TICKETS!

In the past, we have simply asked those who enter our contests to simply state their favorite beer by XYZ brewery, but we've decided to change things up a little bit. While we still want to know what your favorite Redhook beer is - mine is Longhammer IPA, we also want to comment on this post letting us know why you should get the tickets.

You'll also want to be following Brew England on Twitter and be a fan of us on Facebook, because I mean hey...why not be following or liking us on Twitter and Facebook? You'll earn extra bonus points if you Tweet "I just entered for a chance to win free NH BrewFest tickets at!" (please Cc: us using @BrewEngland so we can see) or by writing on our wall on Facebook...but, remember the comment here is the 'official' way to enter the contest!
The cut off date to enter is Friday October 7th at 11:59pm, and the winner will be announced at noon on Tuesday October 11th.

Good luck!


Butch said...

I love craft beer, I''m an avid homebrewer, and I'm in public education and can't afford VIP tix. I'd love to meet the brewers and grill'em about their beers. Long hammer is my fave and I have it all the time at Loco's in K-town!

Joanna Hand said...

I love Redhooks Pilsner! I think I should win tickets because I love beerfests!

Clarice said...

I love Redhook Copper Hook, so good. I'm a girl who really loves craft beer. I love getting to hear brewers talk about the choices they made while brewing or what inspired them to make a specific type of beer.

Lane said...

Their IPA is my favorite. I love beerfests and all the latest BrewEngland blog and FB page. But the real reason I should win the tickets is the last time I was in Portsmouth, I couple of college kids poured a bucket of pee out a 2nd story window and it landed on me. It was meant for the parked antique convertible. So, I'd REEEEEALLY be grateful to make some new, pee-free memories of that town!

Matt said...

My favorite Redhook beer is Copper Hook. I should win because I am out of foodventure money and this would be excellent.

courtney said...

I am a huge fan of craft beers but the one that I am in love with now is Autumn Ale by Woodstock Inn. I found it when I was at the first brewfest and I never looked back! The reason I should win is my fiancee just came back from deployment in Iraq. We had one of our first real dates together at the first brewfest and we would love to go together again. We talk about it all the time, how much fun we had, and I would love to create some new memories there again!

prplberry3 said...

My favorite Redhook brew is the Nitro Porter. Smooth, dark, deep roasted coffee aroma, that beautiful caramel colored head. Last year I bought tickets for myself and three friends, this year I am unemployed but I'd still like to treat myself and my sister to a fun beginning of fall brerfest. We need to add to our beer festival/tasting/tour glass collections! Both of our birthdays are in October and we try to do as many seasonal events as possible but this year our style has been cramped.