Thursday, September 8, 2011

3rd Annual Dogfish Head Fest @ BBC

Other than hearing from Kate at Craft Beer Cellar letting me know my (first) keg of beer for my recently purchased kegorator (Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest) has arrived, I just got an email from Graham at British Beer Company with the best news I've heard all day.

The following press release is for immediate release:

What: Third Annual Dogfish Fest
Where: British Beer Company in Downtown Plymouth
When: September 17th and 18th
Who: Dogfish Head Brewing
Why: 19 Kegs

Dogfish Fest is one of the British Beer Company’s most popular and anticipated events of the year. So much so, they have turned this year’s event into a two day festival for fans to revel in this Country’s most celebrated craft brewery. Every single tap at the little BBC in historic Downtown Plymouth will be dedicated to Dogfish Head Brewing on Saturday and Sunday September 17-18.

The final line-up is official, all the following kegs are under lock and key, guarded by beer ninjas: Black n Blue, Red n White, 60 Minute IPA, Hellhound On My Ale, Palo Santo Maron, Namaste, Pangae, Sah'Tea, My Antonia, Festina Peche, Punkin, Theobroma, 90 Minute IPA, Indian Brown, Raison d'Etre, Midas Touch, Chateau Jiahu, Olde School and finally 120 Minute IPA. That’s 19…19 kegs of beer.

Dogfish Head’s greatest invention outside of the beer itself is a contraption called the Randall. This device filters beer through fresh herbs, fruits, spices or just about anything that can be squeezed into it. After the beer absorbs all the goodness and flavors…the best part is - someone gets to drink it! There will be three Randall's in service for Dogfish Fest.

This is a picture of the Randall, the Enamel Animal

Beers to be Randallized:
Punkin Ale run through cinnamon sticks and vanilla.
Festina Peche run through strawberry and kiwi fruits.
90 Minute IPA run through fresh whole leaf hops.
Indian Brown run through fresh coffee beans.

Taps will start flowing at noon on Saturday and Dogfish Head heads will want to get to Plymouth before any of the 19 kegs kick. Cheers!

Media Contact
Graham Wilson

British Beer Company
6 Middle Street in Downtown Plymouth

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Mickle623 said...

Wowzers, sign me up!! 90 Minute push through a bed of fresh hops. Sounds aweome!