Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New England Quickly Becomming The Hub of Beer

This summer is shaping up to be pretty eventful in the world of beer. By world, I mean overall, not the actual planet Earth. Well, come to think of it...perhaps the planet earth!?

Anyway, to our pleasure there has been a lot of beer news about New England! As we mentioned earlier this week, Jack's Abby Brewing opened its doors for production in Framingham, MA. Last night was the Keg Kick Off Party for our friends at Throwback Brewery in Dover, NH. But, in case you hadn't heard, there are even more breweries popping up in the region.

Mystic Brewery, a Chelsea, MA brewing company, received their license to begin production brewing on July 6th, 2011. Backlash Beer Company, a Boston based brewing company, produced their first limited batch of Groundswell Belgian Style Blond Ale just last month. Most recently, Trillium Brewing Company, is going through the application and zoning process to open their brewery, to be located in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood of Boston.

I'm sure there are many other brewing companies that I am leaving out, but as a one man (and one woman) operation, it's tough to sometimes get more info outside of the greater Boston (and New Hampshire) area. But, if anyone knows of new breweries, or even craft beer stores that are opening, PLEASE let us know! It has always been the mission of Brew England to recognize and help promote craft brewers and enthusiasts in New England (with the occasional recognition and nod to our national fellow craft brewers), so please feel free to help us out!

A great start is to find these companies on Facebook, Twitter, and their websites, not to mention recommending our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account! Another way is by attending craft beer tastings and festivals, trying these new beers - or beers you haven't had before, and then telling your friends about them! Many of the upcoming beer events are listed here as well, and are updated as often as possible. Hopefully we'll see you out at some of the events!

Cheers & Happy Summer!


Adam from The Tasting Life, not to mention JC from Trillium Brewing Co, reminded me of Idle Hands Craft Ales out of Everette, MA. They are in the finishing stages of releasing their first batch of beer! It wasn't until I visited their website where I realized that I ran into the head brewer and owner Christopher Tkach (who is from my home state of NH!) at the Beer Summit Winter Jubilee back in January!


Adam said...

Here's a list of new breweries that I put together on my blog a few weeks ago.

BrewEngland said...

Hey Adam, thanks for the list! I found Wandering Star Brewery on Facebook, but hadn't actually heard about the two soon to be in Everett! Thanks for the heads up, and I'm glad to see you got to go to the Explore Your Craft event over the weekend.

Kristin said...

Connecticut has a new brewery just starting up:

Eva Becks said...


Nice list of bier brauerei you put together in your blog man. Keep up good work Cheers :|

BrewEngland said...

Hi Kristin, that link didn't work for me. Can you tell me the name of the brewery and where it's going to be located?

Eva, thanks for the kind words!

BrewEngland said...

Clearly I'm an idiot who can't properly copy & paste! haha I'll have to check into the Plainville Nano-Brewery to be today!! Thanks for the help!