Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Blogger - Mike Micalone

About a week ago I approached my buddy Mike and asked if he wanted to do a post on Brew England. I've known Mike for close to eight years - when we met he was at the time dating (and eventually married) one of Sarah's close lifelong friends Jenn. We've become very close friends over the past several years, and he was recently a groomsman in Sarah and my wedding. We also used his kegerator during the wedding to serve up some tasty Harpoon Brewery craft beers!

Mike had mentioned a while back about documenting his own "Adventures in Homebrewing" as he has quickly become obsessed (again) with brewing his own beer, and the fact that he planted his own hop plants this year, but with the wedding and everything we kind of lost track of what was going on.

Nevertheless, Mike has come through and has written a great introduction to his own "Adventures in Homebrewing." He quickly moved from all-extract "kit" type brewing, to partial grain brewing, to all grain brewing. It never fails to come up in conversation or casual texting that he's buying more ingredients for his next brewing session, which is motivating me to get cranked back up in brewing.

Over the course of the next few months you'll see Mike doing more posts. In fact, he's going to the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Rally tonight at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery (unfortunately I can not be there), and will be doing a full recap for us. In addition, he and I will both be attending the AHA Rally at Allagash Brewing Co's Portland, ME brewery next month, so we'll likely team up on that recap.

Anyway, Mike's first post will be up today or tomorrow afternoon!

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