Friday, October 1, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting - Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project: Hedgerow Bitter

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project – Cambridge, MA
Hedgerow Bitter
Bottled August 2010, 1st Batch
5.4% ABV 1pt 6oz

I wasn't kidding! This was a 1st batch beer!

The Hedgerow Bitter is the newest offering from Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, and did not disappoint. The beer features a pale, burnt orange hue, topped by a medium, fluffy head that lingers for a while. The smell, which is a bitter, pale, earthy aroma sets up the flavor.

The beer has a very full mouth feel, but is not overly malty. It’s somewhat dry, but that becomes more noticeable as the beer warms. It’s easy to find a bitter citrus flavor, which could actually be bitter orange peel. The beer itself is fairly bitter, but not in the distinct way that an American IPA or Pale Ale would be. It displays the UK hop varieties used in the beer – Pioneer, First Gold, and Sovereign, which are listed as “dwarf” hop varieties.

The Hedgerow is also somewhat spicy, which it seems like it would pair well with spicy foods and meats. We happened to be eating forty spices hummus at the time, and it complemented the beer very nicely!

This is our second review of Pretty Things beers (read our first one here), although we have been lucky to sample their other beers at Lamb Jam, and the 2010 Bacon & Beer Festival. This is a nice stylistic and flavor departure from their Baby Tree, and flagship brew Jack D’Or, which are also excellent beers. There will be more to come from this interesting and eclectic brewing company here on Brew England!


B said...

Intriguing. I love the label on this one, and what a classy glass you poured it in :)

BrewEngland said...

I'm a big fan of the Pretty Things beers and labels! I also figured the glass was kind of rustic and had an element of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Holy Grail to it.