Thursday, October 28, 2010

BrewEngland Visits: Lord Hobo - Cambridge, MA

About a month or two ago, our friend Jenny informed us of a great half price deal online for the restaurant Lord Hobo. I had read an article on a few weeks before Jenny told us about the deal, and read it was a great new beer bar located in the old B-Side Lounge location. Being the beer lover that I am, I knew that both Sarah and I had to check it out. A Boston based beer-TweetUp, organized by JD of Lost in the Beer Aisle, was just the excuse we needed to make our first visit.

We decided to hit up my “local” homebrew supply store, Beer & Wine Hobby in Woburn, MA before hand, and then meet up with everyone else. Well, as it turns out, we made such good timing that we were quite a bit early.

Of course we didn't let that deter us, as Lord Hobo happened to be serving brunch (served Sat & Sun 10-3), to which we fully obliged. With it still being before noon, I was clearly still in a bit of a fog. I ordered the Cuban sandwich by accident but when it showed up I was quite surprised. Thanks to my stupefaction, I stumbled upon a very delicious treat! The sandwich was full of tasty braised pork, with pickled vegetables throughout, complemented by delicious French fries!

Sarah opted for the eggs with home fries, which she thoroughly enjoyed. The eggs were fluffy and delicious, and the home fries rivaled any other restaurant. Naturally we enjoyed a few pints with brunch (I will have to fill you in later, as I can't seem to find the beer menu from that day), as we enjoyed our meals.

As we were finishing up our meals, people started to trickle in for the tweet up.

Everyone there for the event got a name tag, dropped their names or business cards into a bowl for a few door prizes, and got to snack on an enormous cheese and cracker platter. We quickly struck up conversations with several people, and got our beer discussion on.

If you plan to driving into Cambridge to visit Lord Hobo, you should plan on spending some time looking for parking. The majority of the parking in the area is residential or by permit only; however, there is some metered parking spots on Hampshire Street. Plan on bringing plenty of quarters if you're lucky enough to find a spot, because you're not likely to leave the bar for a while.

Aside from the extreme lack of parking, the only other negative aspect of Lord Hobo is that it is on the pricey side. The prices for food range from around $9-$14 for brunch and $10-$24 for dinner which is not so bad. However, if you're a huge beer fan like myself, the drinks can quickly add to the tab. The restaurant features a Haverhill Brewery "house beer" for $4, but the rest of the draft list ranges from $5 - $9, but the bottles can get even more expensive. You can't dispute, however, that they have a great line up of beers.

Needless to say, we had a great time! The food was delicious, and the beers were plentiful. We had some great conversations with the people we met, and left with a lot of contacts. I'm pretty sure I went into the beer-TweetUp with approximately 20 followers or so (I started tweeting a few weeks earlier), and left with at least 12 more. Since then Sarah and I have had a great time sharing our tweets with these people.

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Lost said...

Good recap of Lord Hobo and the tweetup. I know people wanted me to plan a follow-up one in November. If I'm gonna do that, I suppose I better get my butt in gear! :)


BrewEngland said...

Thank you, sir. I wanted to put this up right after the event, but got side tracked. Let me know if you'd like some help planning it.


Anonymous said...

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