Friday, October 22, 2010

Samuel Adams Bru Fest

Once again, the boys in Black and Gold are teaming up with Samuel Adams TOMORROW night before the Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers game, for their first of four scheduled Bru Fests. For all the Bruins games I went to last year (I had full season tickets), I failed to actually attend one of these. I've heard they're pretty fun, so you should definitely go!

The other Bru Fests are scheduled for Nov 11 vs. the HATED Montreal Canadiens (I will be there), March 31, 2011 vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (Phil who?), and April 6, 2011 vs. New York Islanders.

The event is held in the players' parking lot, just outside the TD Garden on Causeway Street in Boston, and is free for 21+ ticket holders. Tickets for all games are still available through Ticketmaster, and you can find more details by visiting the Boston Bruins website.

Just so no one forgets when they are, I will post them under the Upcoming Beer Events shortly!

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