Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New England Beer Blogs

So Sarah and I were contacted last week by Norman Miller (aka: the Real Beer Nut)- a columnist for the Metrowest Daily News, asking for some information on an upcoming story he was doing for his column on New England Beer Bloggers. We had met Norman back in 2006 or so at the Boston Wine School, where they were holding a special beer event - with the head brewers of Magic Hat (where we tried Wacko for the first time), Cambridge Brewing Company, and Russian River Brewing. We also happened to be at a Boston Tweet Up at Lord Hobo two weekends ago with Norman, but it took Sarah and I a few minutes to realize where we had met him before.

Well, since the Tweet Up I have been following Norman on Twitter (@RealBeerNut - you should follow him), which is where I saw that he in fact posted his story about Brew England, as well as four other beer blogs. It was a great read, and I think you will all like it.

Please take a minute to visit the Metro West Daily News website, where you can read Norman's full story - or just click here. To check out Norman's own blog, click here.

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B said...

Hey! I jsut read Norm's article and added your blog to my site. I do a blog out of Portsmouth and love coming across other blogs from the area. Look forward to reading!

Seacoast Beverage Lab

BrewEngland said...

B - glad to see you found our blog, and I hoped you enjoyed Norman's piece! We absolutely love Portsmouth, and can't wait to get back there in the very near future!