Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting - Sebago Brewing Co. - Milestone Ale

Sebago Brewing Co – Gorham, ME
Single Batch Series
Milestone Ale 1pt 6oz

Sarah visited one of our favorite beer stores in the world last week, Marty’s Fine Wines in Newton, MA, and picked up this beer for me. I had previously only had the Sebago Brewing Co. Local Harvest Ale, which although I don't remember it clearly it seemed nice, but the Milestone Ale was a nice surprise!

The libation pours a soft orange hued head, with a nice mildly pale red body. It has a citrus inspired scent, with strong malt tones. It is also a full bodied beer, with smooth caramel notes. It’s also a bit sweet, but has a great bitter and hoppy character to it. It has a moderately full mouth feel, with a subtle dryness as well.

The beer itself is moderately drinkable. Like most big beers, or bombers, they can be a bit on the heavy or extreme side. We’ve only seen this in 22 oz bottles, which is probably a good thing as it’s probably priced out of most people’s price range, at $9.95 a bottle; BUT, if you’re looking for a new, limited release beer, it’s worth a try.

The Sebago Brewing Co. currently has four brewpub locations, all located in the great state of Maine. Their current locations are in Kennebunk, Scarborough, Gorham, and Portland. I recently began following Sebago (@sebagobrewing) on Twitter, and found out they're in the process of either renovating or building a new brewpub in Portland. It will give us a new place to visit when we're in town, and I look forward to checking it out soon!

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