Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Joseph Graham for Mayor

BrewEngland is proud to officially endorse Joseph Graham for Mayor - McStache that is...

You're probably asking "What the hell is Mayor McStache!!??" Well, it's a separate and individualistic fundraising effort for the Friends of Will Cancer Foundation's "Cure Me I'm Irish" event coming up next Saturday. As defined by BeatNB.org, it's a fun and silly way to help kids with relapsed Neuroblastoma. Essentially, candidates "running" for Mayor McStache have their friends, family, and coworkers sponsor them to grow a mustache.

Joe has been growing his beard since January in an effort to hide what will be, we hope, the most embarrassing and hysterical piece of facial hair in existence.

We would obviously love to have everyone at "Cure Me I'm Irish" on March 5h, which you can purchase tickets for here. If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, I highly recommend getting one now as they are ALMOST sold out! If you're unable to make the event, but still want to make a contribution to the charity, please click here to sponsor Joe. Whoever raises the most money is elected Mayor McStache, with an honorable mention and super cool trophy for "Most Outstanding Mustache."

Joe is also taking recommendations on what style of mustache he will go with. Will it be the handlebar? Will it be the Lowell Connector? Will it be pencil thin? No one knows quite yet, but if you make a donation you can cast your vote for how he should cut it.

Either way, I will DEFINITELY be posting a picture as it's sure to be hysterical no matter what stache he goes with!

Thanks and GO JOE!

Last year's candidates - Pat Lacey is the current Mayor

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