Thursday, February 17, 2011

BrewEngland Visits: Sea Dog Brew Pub - Woburn, MA

As you may recall, we reported that Sea Dog was opening a new brewpub location in Woburn. Well, their doors are officially open, and Sarah and I visited them last weekend.

After making our way to Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet in Melrose, we had accumulated quite the appetite. Knowing that Woburn wasn’t too far away, and that Beer & Wine Hobby was right down the street (I needed a new hydrometer as mine broke the week before), we opted to make the short drive to visit the Sea Dog Brew Pub Woburn.

To refresh your memories, Sea Dog Brewing Co. is a Maine brewery that has several brewpubs located in Vacation Land. They made a licensing agreement with some Massachusetts businessmen, and the Sea Dog Brew Pub Hull was opened. Well, the same owners decided one location wasn’t enough and opted to open a new, and bigger, restaurant in Woburn.

Now, we have visited their restaurant in Hull twice, which was nice. It has a very cozy, pub-like atmosphere, has probably the best view of any restaurant on the South Shore, and even though they don’t brew their own beer has a decent line up of beers. The food was mediocre to good depending what you got, but it was still a nice place to hang out. For locals, it’s the best around. I have to say though, the Woburn location steps it up big time!

The owners certainly spent some time and money renovating this had-been TGI Fridays into a chic and attractive restaurant. Renovations included a new bar, new high top tables and booths, and certainly a new color scheme. The restaurant has a great cozy waiting area with leather couches, and there is even a rather large patio (although it was hard to see as it is currently under three feet of snow).

Unfortunately this day there wasn’t any room at the bar, so we opted for a nice high top table just next to it. Sarah ordered a beer flight, and I opted to go with their IPA while we took a look at the new menu.

As we were taking a gander, the manager Emily came over to say hello. She is a reader of the blog, and also manages the Hull location. We ran into her last summer there and formed a nice little friendship. We complimented her on the new digs and asked her for some food recommendations. Emily told us they had hired a new Executive Chef who revamped the menu a bit, and it was evident when we got our lunch.

I decided to order the stuffed chicken sandwich, and Sarah selected the fried fish sandwich. While the chicken sandwich was extremely tasty, the shining star was the fish sandwich. It has a mango tartar sauce topping and is literally THE BEST fish sandwich I’ve ever had. I don’t want to say I’m an aficionado or anything (ok, maybe I am), but I have had many, many of them in my days. This was by far heads and shoulders above the rest.

Much like the Hull location, Woburn totes a Mug Club. For around $50 or so you get a personal, numberd mug which holds 20 oz versus the standard 16oz, but for the same price. You also get a t-shirt each year you renew, and invitations to special Sea Dog events.

Unfortunately, from what I believe I heard, the initial Mug Club mugs have already sold out, but you should check out their Facebook page to keep up to date!

Sea Dog Brew Pub is located at 230 Mishawum Road Woburn, MA. It is conveniently located about a mile off the highway. If you're in the area, this restaurant is not to be missed. They've done a great job remodeling both the interior and menu, and it does not disappoint! If you do stop in, tell Emily Adam and Sarah sent you!

*sorry for the lack of pictures, we will get more very soon!

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