Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cure Me I'm Irish

Some of the readers on Brew England know about a very special boy named Will Lacey; however, I’m sure most of you don’t. Will Lacey is a six year old boy from Braintree, MA who was diagnosed as an infant with a very rare and currently non-curable cancer called Neruoblastoma. Will’s parents, family, and friends created the Friends of Will Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity to help save the lives of children with cancer. More specifically, to BEAT NB!

The Friends of Will Cancer Foundation's sole mission is to raise money to help create treatment options for children with Relapsed Neuroblastoma. Unfortunately, once the disease comes back there is no cure.

You may be wondering why we bring this up on a beer blog….well, I’ll tell you.

For the past three years, the FOW have put on an event called “Cure Me I’m Irish”, which has been a huge success in raising funds for Will and other NB patients. Last year, Sarah and I happily volunteered during the event, selling raffle tickets, selling merchandise, and we even donated a pair of Bruins tickets for the silent auction (which believe me, was pretty bad ass- the auction that is). We did such a small part to help out, but honestly had so much fun!

I can’t explain how awesome it was to be part of this event. There were dozens of volunteers, and approximately 400 of Will’s closets adult friends enjoying their evening at the Tirrell Room in Quincy, MA. There were Irish step dancers (the ones who danced with the Dropkick Murphy's), a DJ, an endless line at the bars, but an all around great night. This year's event is shaping up to be even bigger and better!

A few month’s ago, I was introduced to Will’s father Pat. He had heard it through the grapevine that Sarah and I ran and go around to a ton of breweries. Figuring we may have made some brewery contacts on our adventures, he asked us to help him out with a portion of the 2011 Cure Me I’m Irish event. Naturally, we said “of course!”

I am VERY excited to announce that part of the upcoming Cure Me I’m Irish event will include a Beer Tasting, set up by! There will be New England breweries represented, and I’m sure you have probably heard of some of them. The confirmed breweries to date are:

Mayflower Brewing Co. – Plymouth, MA
Cape Ann Brewing – Gloucester, MA
Blue Hills Brewery – Canton, MA

I have been in contact with other MA and VT breweries, which I should hear back from shortly; however, we are extremely happy to have these three breweries on board already and I’m sure you will be too!

So, now you’re probably wondering how you can get in on this beer tasting, and the other exciting parts of the Cure Me event. Here are all the details.

When: Saturday March 5, 2011 from 7pm – Midnight
Where: Lombardo’s – 6 Billings Road Randolph, MA
Why: To BEAT NB and celebrate with a purpose!

Ticket prices currently start at $60 and tickets can be purchased at the Cure Me I’m Irish event webpage. After February 15, 2011 the ticket price will increase to $75 per ticket. The admission price includes a Full Open Bar beginning at 8pm; however, it is likely that the beer tasting will take place from approximately 7-9pm and is included in the price of admission. Appetizers as well as deserts will be served. Also, this year the band Joshua Tree will be performing live at the event.

I strongly encourage you all to come and join us at Lombardo’s on March 5th. This will no doubt be a great time for everyone there, will be a good opportunity to come and support our 1st ever beer tasting, and support a wonderful cause.

If you are a brewery and would like to pour samples at this event, please contact Adam at ASAP. Space is extremely limited, and will fill up fast!

Please pass on the word of this event, and as the final breweries are confirmed I will update the website!


Adam & Sarah


TBA said...

This is such a great event! And it's awesome that you guys are setting up a beer tasting for this year! :)

BrewEngland said...

Thank you very much. I can't explain how much fun this has been setting it up so far, and I know how much fun it's going to be! I hope you and all your friends and family are able to get a ticket for this, as it's going to be a great night!