Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BrewEngland invades Chicago!

Tomorrow morning, Sarah and I take this show on the road. For the first time, we will be visiting the great city of Chicago. Sure, it's December. Sure, it's cold. But, we're true New Englanders and can tolerate the weather.

I've been wanting to visit Chicago for the past 10 years or so, but haven't had a good excuse to go. Not that I needed one, but oh well. We got a great deal on air travel through Southwest Airlines, and couldn't pass it up. It also helps that Sarah's cousin Paul and his wife Christie live in the city too.

We plan on hitting the Goose Island Clayborurn brewpub, possibly Small Bar Fullerton, and definitely Kuma's Corner. There may even be a trip to Milwaukee in the mix too for a stop at the Milwaukee Ale House. We're also going to see the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Dallas Stars tomorrow night at the Madhouse on Madison to boot. Granted I'm a die hard Boston Bruins fan, I'm still a hockey fan. That should be fun!

We'll be without our computer for the next four days or so; however, we'll each still have our Blackberry smaht phones at our sides, so we'll be checking in on foursquare and tweeting up a storm. We'll have our camera too, so we'll make sure to recap our adventures next week!

Follow us on Twitter! Adam/BrewEngland at @brewengland, and Sarah at @pinkshoe. We'll be updating our Facebook Fan Page too, on occasion; however, we're likely to tweet more than anything else.


Andy said...

eagerly awaiting photos and stories of beer from the Middle West!

Adam said...

Our first Chicago post is up, and one will be coming out early tomorrow AM!!