Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting - Wachusett Brewing Co: Larry Imperial IPA

Wachusett Brewing Co - Westminster, MA
The Public House Series - Larry Imperial IPA
1pt 6oz. 7.5% ABV, 85IBU

I had first tried the Larry Imperial IPA at the Curtis Liquors' Fall Beer Tasting, and picked up a bottle while I was there. I'm not quite sure why I didn't open it earlier, but nevertheless, I was glad I did last night!

The bottle pours a smooth body and great foamy head, which likes to take its time working its way down. It leaves nice traces on the glass to show you where it has been. The color is a nice golden and copper hue most often found in a good IPA. The aroma is pungently citrusy, piney, yet clean. You can definitely smell the hops on this one!

After my first sip, I said out loud, "Man, is that good!" Nerdy? Yes. True? Yes. So what? Who cares?

Anyway, Larry is a perfect blend of bitterness, subtle maltyness, and hop character. While it's less intense than other Imperial IPAs, that shouldn't discount the fact that this is one hell of a beer! The brew has a full, but not heavy mouth feel. It certainly coats the entire palate, but doesn't linger very long. It has a subtle aftertaste, which makes it hard to resist going back for another sip.

I really wish this beer came in six or twelve packs, because it is that good. I would definitely buy more, and drink more. You could definitely get through 1-2 bombers, but be careful as Larry carries a 7.5% ABV.

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