Sunday, December 26, 2010

What To Do When It Snows in Boston

...well, stock up on beer of course.

Sarah and I decided last night, of course knowing we were going to get blanketed with snow, that we were going to need to stock up on some necessities. Sure, most people get eggs, milk, and bread, but what the hell were WE supposed to do? Naturally, we had to stock up on beer!

Truthfully, we would have preferred to do it last night, but most places were closed on account of this little holiday called Christmas. But, we decided we would go either just before or after the snow started. Unfortunately, that happened to take place around 8:30am this morning.

Either way, we still had to get a few items, so we headed out. But, as you would expect, there were no package stores open when we went out. Fortunately, the snow tapered off a bit, which allowed a safe travel to one of our local places - Shop-N-Save Liquors - in Quincy.

I wound up getting a 12 pack of Red Hook WinterHook Winter Ale, as well as a Saranac Brewing Company 12 Beers of Winter mix pack.

I figured with these beers, in addition to the beers I had at home, should get me through our first major snow storm of the '10-'11 winter season. The snow has also given me the perfect excuse to blog and tweet, so don't be surprised if you see a few more posts before the end of the day!

I wonder what everyone else is drinking?

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