Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting - White Birch Brewing: Belgian Style Pale Ale

White Birch Brewing – Hooksett, NH
Belgian Style Pale Ale
Bottled June 17, 2010
Batch 5, Bottle 402 of 420
8.5% ABV, 1pt 6oz.

This brew pours a very golden pale ale, which is very similar to a Belgian white – except it is much clearer (filtered). The beer also features a medium head that dissipates fairly quickly. It has a very nice carbonation as well, which is helped by the clarity. The fragrance is crisp, clean, and reminiscent of a Czech Pilsner.

The beer is slightly bitter, though I was unable to really pick out the hop characteristics. The beer also has a full body, as it coats your entire mouth. The description on the bottle explains that there are hints of pear, and although I was unable to find that flavor, it was mildly fruity – which becomes more noticeable as the beer warms up.

To be honest, I was not particularly a fan of this beer. It shared too many characteristics of a pilsner, in my opinion, which I am not typically fond of. I do, however, love the care and attention brewer Bill Herlicka gives to his beer. His beers are all brewed in small batches, as indicated by the individually numbered bottles, and are dated for ultimate freshness. While this beer wasn’t quite for me, Bill brews many different styles, and I look forward to trying more of his beers.

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