Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting - Wachusett Brewing Co: Wachusett IPA

Wachusett Brewing Co. – Westminster, MA
Wachusett IPA
5.6% ABV, 50 IBU

This is a bold, robust, flavorful India Pale Ale, which has quickly become one of my new favorite IPAs! It features a modest piney and floral aroma with a feathery, foamy head that dissipates fairly quickly. It does however leave its mark on your glass as you work your way to the bottom.
It has a slightly pale and moderately red hue and is complemented by a reasonably bitter, not over the top hoppy flavor with a rather dry finish. The beer is dry hopped with Cascade hops, which helps give the floral and citrus fragrance. It has a full, yet not too heavy mouth feel, which makes it an enjoyable beer. The body also has hints of citrus, pine, helped of course by the hops, throughout and is not overly malty. This makes the beer extremely drinkable, and highly enjoyable with any summer event, big or small.

The only negative remark I have about the beer actually in fact has nothing to do with the liquid. The packaging is severely lacking on the IPA. This beer is one of the most basic labels that Wachusett Brewing Co. actually produces. Unlike the Country Ale, or one of my favorite pale ales Green Monsta Ale, the IPA is a subtle purple and white label. Perhaps this was done intentionally, but I think the company can come up with something better. But in the end, it’s all about the beer – which certainly deserves any accolades it receives.

It should also be noted that the first time I had the Wachusett IPA was when we ventured to the Cape earlier this March. We stopped at a fancy place called Sam Diegos for a night cap, and I couldn't resist...known now in our household as Das Boot! Hopefully it will be replaced by a huge German draft beer when we make the trek to NYC, and eventually to Oktoberfest in Germany.

Wachusett IPA!

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