Friday, August 6, 2010

I don't want to say I've hit Rock Bottom

...but I have to admit, I miss my old regular bar. I used to go to Rock Bottom at the South Shore Plaza in Braintree all the time. In fact, I still carry my Mug Club card in my wallet, even though I haven’t been to a RB in probably two years.

That place was the best. I mean, sure…they’re a chain restaurant, but to be perfectly honest – they made some great beer. I hadn’t visited the restaurant until I started dating Sarah, but once I went for the first time I was hooked.

First off, their food was always good. It was consistent, could be reasonably healthy depending on what you got, and they had some good dinner specials, including a late night bar menu. In addition, their prices were reasonable. AND, if you belonged to the Mug Club, you got a bigger beer for the same price as a pint, and quite frankly who doesn’t love that? If you got their beer of the week, which rotated weekly, you could also get it for a cheaper price…not to mention the bigger beer if you had your MG card (or told them you were in it, if you forgot it at home).

On top of all this, they had a good line up of beers. Their North Star Amber was the first beer I fell in love with. It featured a smooth and full body, with a great malty flavor. I also really liked their Munich Gold, which was a great pale lager, and was also extremely drinkable. They also brewed seasonal beers as well; including their amazing award winning Rocktoberfest (Oktoberfest).

Enjoying a Munich Gold on Valentine's Day 2006

Sarah enjoys a glass of Pino Grigio

Sarah and I would sometimes go there religiously. We celebrated our relationship there, valentines day - at least would go there for a few drinks after dinner, and I used to have my birthday bash there each year. Unfortunately, they closed down as the mall owned their building and was charging them far too much in rent. Even though the restaurant was always packed, their rent was simply too much and they sadly closed their doors.

Rock Bottom’s Boston location is nice, but certainly not as nice and convenient as the one in Braintree was. Despite this fact, I miss the restaurant and really need to make a trip into town to revisit.


TBA said...

I really miss Braintree RB too! I was there all the time ... and watched all the 2004 Sox playoffs there! I go to the Boston one a few times a year but it's not the same.

BrewEngland said...

Well, we should make plans to take a trip downtown for a visit!! Maybe one day they'll return to the SSP, so we can frequent them more often...I won't hold my breath though.