Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting- Hop Monster Blonde

Paper City Brewery- Holyoke, Massachusetts
Hop Monster Blonde
9.5% ABV
1 pt 6 oz

The Hop Monster definitely lives up to its name! This beer is NOT for the run of the mill India Pale Ale fan and certainly packs a punch.

According to the Paper City Brewery website, this Imperial IPA is brewed with “an unreasonable amount of Hops”, and they are not lying. The color is beautifully golden blonde, with a minimal head. It’s very bitter, but still has a subtle crispness to the flavor. It has a full mouth feel while not being overly malty, is quite dry (leaves only the slightest aftertaste) and leaves a great coating on the glass.

This beer is certainly recommended for hop lovers looking for a bold beer! It’s not available in six packs, but you should be able to find it in the 650ml bottles in package stores.

Sarah and I will be checking out the Paper City Brewery, Co. in the upcoming month, and will give a full report on our trip. For now, check out their website for additional information on their wide array of beers!

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Sarah said...

I cant wait to visit them- One Eared Monkey in the house!!