Friday, April 30, 2010

Tuesday Night Tasting- Fireman’s Pail Ale & Brewmaster’s Series Coffee Stout

So because I love beer so much, I decided once again to do two different beers. Truthfully, they've been sitting in my refrigerator for several weeks (which is quite an oddity for me), so I figured it was time to try them!

Pennichuck Brewing Co. – Milford, NH
Fireman’s Pail Ale, American Pale Ale
1 pint 6oz (650ml)

I finally picked this beer up at Curtis Liquors in Weymouth, MA a few weeks ago. I had heard about Pennichuck Brewing Co. before, but hadn't had any of their beers, so I figured I'd try it out.

As I mentioned, the Fireman’s Pail Ale was my first beer from this small brewery out of southern New Hampshire. From the pour, I had a feeling I was in for a treat. It has a nice amber color, with a minimal head. It’s definitely a malty brew, with soft bitterness (but not overly hoppy), with subtle caramel tones. It has a dry, sweet aftertaste, but not very overbearing with sweetness. It’s not a fruity beer by any nature, but has some similar characters, such as the sweetness.

It also has a malty and caramel fragrance. It’s lightly carbonated and doesn’t blow you over like some American Pale Ales. It’s a good beer, but would probably be best served with food such as a burger, fish & chips, or a sandwich.

I was looking forward to trying more beers by Pennichuck Brewing Co. and perhaps visiting their brewery over the course of the summer; however, I read online that they closed their brewery in late 2009. The bottle I purchased unfortunately didn’t have a date on it, which means the beer probably wasn’t so fresh.

Let this be a reminder that it's incredibly important to check the freshness dates, or dates the beer was bottled, to insure you get the best flavor. The beer can go stale, or the ingredients can turn bad, producing off flavors.

Long Trail Brewing Co. – Bridgewater Corners, VT
Brewmaster’s Series Coffee Stout
Fermented with Vermont Coffee Co.’s coffee
8% ABV, 50 IBU, 1 pint 6 oz.

Long Trail Brewing Co. is one of my favorite breweries, not just in New England. So, when I saw this Coffee Stout, I knew I had to try it!

This beer pours a creamy, smooth brew with a medium brown head. The beer itself is a dark rich black, as you can see. It has a full bodied mouth feel, and is mildly bitter- which is often common with stouts.

Sarah and I both agreed that it would make for one hell of a coffee ice cream beer float! It has a slight hint of vanilla, and leaves a pleasant coffee aftertaste. This stout would be paired well with a premium chocolate, or ice cream…you could always substitute it for your morning cup of Joe too!

SO, I will do my very best to make sure next week's Tuesday Night Tasting arrives on time. I have had a very special beer that I have been waiting to try, White Birch Brewing's Wrigian, which is a Belgian Style Ale. I'm making a trip up to New Hampshire next weekend, and will be stopping by Bert's Better Beers in Hooksett again, to restock my beer fridge, and make sure I have ample beers for the Tuesday Night Tastings.

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