Friday, November 15, 2013

Tuesday Night Tasting: Slumbrew - Yankee Swap's been a while since we've posted. It's also been even longer since we posted a Tuesday Night Tasting. While we realize it's Friday, it seemed like as good of a day to post our latest review.

Somerville Brewing Co. "Slumbrew" - Somerville, MA
Yankee Swap, English Style Strong Ale
12% ABV, 27 IBU, 22 oz and select draft

This is a new special release beer by Slumbrew, and the first barrel aged beer that they've done commercially. It has a bold, dark brownish hue with a light chocolaty brown head. It pours well, and has a medium, creamy, fluffy head that hangs around. It also gives nice lacing to the glass as you drink it down!

The aroma is incredible. The Turkey Shore Distilleries/Old Ipswich Rum barrels really shine through on this beer. It has a great subtly sweet malty and vanilla scent, and nice oak notes to it that are inviting.

The first sip really gets you into this beer. The vanilla notes carry over, and you're palate is engulfed by a rather mild malt profile. The rum is noticeable too, but is not overbearing. When I drank the first half of the bottle, I could not believe this beer was 12%. Much like the Slumbrew Trekker Trippel, the ABV of the Yankee Swap drinks seemingly much lower than what it actually is. I can't wait to have this on draft.

It has a fairly full mouth feel, yet is not super heavy. This is most likely due to the pale malts used in the mash. For a strong ale, it is definitely drinkable and is really enjoyable. It's highly recommended that you share this with someone you like, because it could prove difficult putting down an entire 22 oz bottle of 12% ABV beer.

Drink now, or age for a while. This beer will hold up!

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