Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday Night Tasting: Slumbrew - Trekker Trippel

Somerville Brewing Co. - Somerville, MA
Trekker Trippel Belgian Style Ale
9.5% ABV, 36 IBU, 22 oz and select draft

The Trekker Trippel was launch by Slumbrew at the beginning of May, and we were some of the first to pour the beer when we did an in store beer tasting at Ralph's Derby Street Wine & Spirit in Hingham, MA on Cinco de Mayo. The beer was bottled in April 2012, and will only continue to develop as it cellars.

The color of the Trekker is golden to a dark orange hue. It is lightly carbonated, which is nice when enjoying this brew. It features a light and fluffy white head, which fades almost immediately.

When you smell the Trekker Trippel, you'll notice the traditional Belgian beer aroma. It is highlighted by the yeast used in the fermentation process, but it is complemented by notes of banana, clove, and a fruity hop profile. It has a pleasant aromatic nose thanks to the jasmine and unique Moteuka hops (from New Zeland), which give it a great and subtle lemon/lime quality.

The Slumbrew Trekker has a really enjoyable flavor. It's definitely cool and refreshing upon the first sip. After you finish that initial sip, your pallet is hit with a great Belgian yeast flavor. It has a superb malt backbone, but finishes clean and dry.

The Trekker has a full mouth feel and coats your entire palate, but is not overly heavy.

For a Belgian trippel, and especially for clocking in at 9.5% ABV, the Slumbrew Trekker Trippel is incredibly drinkable. When you take your first sip, you would not believe this beer is almost 10% Alcohol by Volume. BUT, the fact of the matter is that it drinks like a 6% ABV Belgian style ale. It is overwhelmingly enjoyable. It gets more boozy as it warms, but still finishes extremely smooth.

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