Friday, November 2, 2012

Homebrew Shop in Planning for JP

We were contacted by Joshua Sattin a few weeks ago letting us know that he was in the planning stages of opening up his own homebrew shop in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston in early 2013. It seems like a great idea, considering there aren't too many homebrew supply stores easily accessable by South Shore and Boston residents, so this will be a great resource for local homebrewers!

Here are the details Joshua sent us:

Boston Homebrew Supply (BHS) will be a locally-owned and operated homebrew supply shop located in the heart of Jamaica Plain (JP).

Customers will enjoy a clean, modern, efficient and well-stocked shop that will supply them with a healthy variety of fresh ingredients, essential equipment, a knowledgeable staff and a friendly environment.

JP exhibits a strong sense of community. Its diverse and eclectic neighborhood offers ample culture and promotes locally-owned businesses. JP’s shopping area contains a fine array of independent restaurants, shops and cafes. A homebrew shop would be a perfect addition to JP and would be welcomed by the community. Craft beer appreciation and homebrewing are more popular than ever. There is a large and expanding population of homebrewers in JP and its surrounding communities. These surrounding communities include but are not limited to: Boston, Brookline, Newton, Roslindale, West Roxbury,
Dorchester and Roxbury.

Besides the excellent location, Joshua Sattin (the owner) will be the shop’s greatest asset. Joshua has been homebrewing for many years and has also worked as a professional brewer for almost two years. He has brewed with many different methods and systems, and adapted to a variety of settings. Prior to being a professional brewer, he was a teacher for five years. Joshua plans on using his extensive knowledge of brewing and experience as an educator to guide and support the local homebrewing community. He also plans on teaching different experience level classes at the store and to local homebrew clubs. Additional classes will be added for topics requested by customers. BHS will also hold local homebrew competitions to become more involved with the local homebrewing community.

Because of the location of the store and the owner’s attention to education and the catering of homebrewers, BHS will quickly build community support and a strong customer base. BHS will have a regularly updated website and will use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate new products, specials, classes, news, etc. to its customers. This will keep the customers engaged and wanting to return to the store. Besides a wide selection of homebrewing ingredients and equipment, BHS will offer unique ingredient kits designed by Joshua and guidance for customers to develop their own recipes and brewing techniques. The staff at BHS will strive to maintain an environment where the customers will feel comfortable returning to the store for advice, a sense of community and to purchase more goods.

For more information on Boston Homebrew Supply and their indegogo campaign, check out their Facebook page.

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