Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Craft Beer Cellar Set to Franchise

If you've read this blog for any length of time and/or followed us on Twitter, you will know that we love going to Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont, MA. It is literally the mecca of beer stores in the greater Boston region. When we learned that the company would be expanding, we were not at all surprised.

Kate and Suzanne spend countless hours making sure their inventory is extremely well represented on the shelves and that they are providing the highest quality products consumers can get. You will only find true craft beers in their store, and nothing (and we mean nothing) brewed or distributed by any of the big conglomerate beverage companies.

What makes a visit to Craft Beer Cellar even more enjoyable, is that Suzanne and Kate truly care about their customers. You can walk in the store off the street, having never seen Craft Beer Cellar before, and while you'll likely be overwhelmed by the incredible amount of beers sold there, these two ladies will make you feel right at home. They are incredibly knowledgeable about their products and will ask productive questions to help you make a beer choice.

You can read about our first visit to the store, but even that does not do this store justice. Plan a trip to Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont and you will not be disappointed.

But we digress...

The real reason for this post is that Craft Beer Cellar is set to franchise its brand. Here is the official press release:

Craft Beer Cellar Franchises - Shows Commitment to Craft Beer


Contact: Suzanne Schalow
Phone: 617.932.1885
Email: suzanne@nocrapbeer.com

Belmont, MA - July 31st, 2012 – We are extremely proud to announce that in deciding to expand what we once called the “little beer store”, we have realized the most successful way to accomplish this is by franchising Craft Beer Cellar. We are deeply committed to retail Craft Beer access and education, across New England and the United States. In making this change, we have officially moved over to Craft Beer Cellar’s new mantra and path - “no crap beer”, which is our new web address, and where you will find every store in our family, including updated inventories!

Our immediate goal is to open three stores by the end of 2013, with our initial focus being on Lowell, Swampscott, Chelsea, and Needham, Massachusetts. Thereafter, we will concentrate on the remainder of New England. We will work very hard with our current distributors to ensure that access and product availability is as good as it is right here on Leonard Street, and we’ll do so by being the same great partners we’ve been since the day we opened our doors!

Craft Beer Cellar began exploring how to grow and expand, only months after we opened, still having no real idea of the impact we would have (and continue to have) on the people who walked through our doors. After our first year, we knew that, personally, opening even one or two more stores could take years, given the very hands-on nature of our mission. In our quest to continue to educate and honor the Craft Beer consumer, we decided the only way to get it done, in any timely fashion, was to implore other like-minded humans to join us. We’ll search far and wide to find you, but rest assured that if you want to open your very own Craft Beer Cellar, you must be a Beer Geek who loves people!

About Craft Beer Cellar

Craft Beer Cellar was founded in 2010 by Kate Baker and Suzanne Schalow with a passion, drive, and commitment to continuing the development and growth of the Craft Beer Segment, by focusing on beers that have taste, excitement, and a great story.  In addition, we are also dedicated to beer education and hospitality.  We pride ourselves on creating an experience for both novice and extraordinary Beer Geeks alike, in our retail ‘bottle’ shop, and have proudly become Boston’s favorite retail Craft Beer destination; an honor we take very seriously!

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