Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday Night Tasting: Ipswich Ale Brewery - Corn Bock

Ipswich Ale Brewery - Ipswich, MA
5 Mile Local Harvest 5 Mile Ales Corn Bock
6.8% ABV, 25 IBU, limited 22 oz bottles & draft

Aside from the 20th Anniversary Imperial Pale Ale and the Castle Hill Summer Barley Wine, we have yet to try any other limited releases by Ipswich Ale Brewery. That is by no means to say that we haven't enjoyed our share of beers by this North Shore Massachusetts, no, no. We have reviewed both the Ipswich Ale Brewery IPA and the Ipswich Ale Brewery Oatmeal Stout here at Brew England, but the Corn Bock is the first of the 5 Mile Ales that we've had the pleasure of sampling and reviewing.

The 5 Mile Local Harvest Corn Bock starts out by pouring a golden pale / reddish body. It features a light, foamy head that fades fairly quickly, but even after it fades into the beer, it keeps a sleek layer after the bulk of the head mellows out. It also has a plentiful carbonation level.

The aroma of the Corn Bock is noticeable malty. It's not too citrusy, especially considering it's only 25 IBU (technically, not all that hoppy), and it hints at a subtle sweetness to it.

While the name "Corn Bock" makes you think this may be not too pleasant, the beer actually takes you in another direction. The Ipswich Ale Brewery website states that they "...harvested Marini Farm's famous corn maze" to craft this particular beer, which lends to the straw cues in the body of the beer. It is full bodied, and quite malty, but finishes similarly sweet like its aroma.

The beer is definitely full bodied and silky smooth. This bock goes down easily, and finishes with a little alcoholic kick, but is pretty dry in the end.

The Corn Bock carries a moderate drinkability level. But, with this malt bomb, you might find it hard to finish off a bomber by yourself. When faced with a beer of this size, it's best to share with friends!

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