Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ipswich Ale 5 Mile Ale Series

Back in October we announced that Ipswich Ale Brewery was releasing a new 5 Mile Ale series. The limited release series seemed to be a response to all the hoopla brought out regarding the Farmer-Brewer licensing issues Idle Hands Beer Co. was experiencing last year. Nevertheless, Ipswich Ale released their Stock Ale using 50% of the beer's ingredients from Massachusetts, and at least one ingredient from within 5 miles of the brewery.

The second of the 5 Mile Ales released was the Pumpernickel Rye Porter, which was released over the winter. Unfortunately, eastern Massachusetts received a dose of snow, so we were unable to attend their launch. Much like the initial launch of the Stock Ale, we heard the launch of the Porter was a success, despite the unfavorable weather.

More recently, the brewery released their 5 Mile Corn Bock. This style seems a bit unusual, but that won't stop us from trying it. Truthfully, we haven't had the fortune to try any of the 5 Mile Ales; however, on a recent trip to Salem, MA, we found not only a bottle of the Pumpernickel Rye Porter, but also the Corn Bock.

With that being said, it's time to open some of these bottles. We realize that the content has been coming in slowly but surely, but we want to get back to providing some fresh, unique content. Therefore, we are going to open a fresh bottle of Corn Bock tonight, and provide a review for you tomorrow.

Have you had the Corn Bock? Have you had any of the 5 Mile Ales? Let us know what you think!


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