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Redhook Release of American Independence Ale

Redhook Toasts the American Revolution with American Independence Ale
American Style Pale Ale is the Fourth Beer in Brewery Backyard Series

Portsmouth, N.H., May 1, 2011 – 

In the days preceding the American Revolution, colonists were fed up with overtaxed ales imported from England. In response, they raised their middle fingers high to English ales and began brewing their own beer. Based on a historic beer recipe using local ingredients and modern techniques, American Independence Ale was brewed in commemoration of the colonialists’ defiance. The Redhook brewing team drew inspiration for the beer from the nearby Folsom Tavern in Exeter, a tavern, now part of the American Independence Museum, where many New Hampshire patriots would gather for a beer in the days leading up to the American Revolution.

“We’re thrilled to partner with the American Independence Museum and to brew a beer that honors the beer revolutionaries –the true godfathers of the craft beer movement,” said Alex Kopf, Redhook senior brewer. “Redhook’s American Independence Ale was brewed with local ingredients and follows a historic recipe, while offering a modern twist that captures the spirit and entrepreneurialism of the colonists.”

“Beer was a critical ingredient to local 18th century political debates and we’re excited to celebrate the region’s patriots who launched the American Revolution with an American home brew in hand,” said Randall Hammond, president of the Board of Governors of the American Independence Museum. “Redhook was the perfect partner for the American Independence Museum. As an American beer revolutionary, Redhook would have been a true patriot raising his tankard of beer and not only helping to sharpen the edges of an argument, but his bayonet as well.”

American Independence Ale is a crisp, refreshing American Style Pale Ale made using locally grown and malted barley and hops. New England’s Warthog wheat gives the beer body and a dense head that holds the citrus and floral aromas from Simcoe, Zeus and brewery-grown Nugget hops. The medium-bodied pale ale is golden in color and the combination of the hops, wheat and two-row malts gives the beer citrus, pine, floral notes and a dry finish. American Independence Ale has an ABV of 5.2 percent and 38 IBUs.

Raise a Pint:

To taste the first pours of American Independence Ale, join Redhook and American Independence Museum for the Independence Ale Trail at 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 17 in Exeter, N.H. In tribute to the colonialists who paved the way for the American beer industry, the trail will start at the Folsom Tavern at 164 Water St., where beer has not been poured for over 100 years.

About Brewery Backyard Series

Redhook’s brewers are a creative bunch and are always cooking up new ideas for beers outside the standard lineup. While not all make it into production, several times a year the brewers’ favorite beers are brewed and released under Redhook’s Brewery Backyard Series. These limited release brews are only available on draught in our Cataqua Pub and in a handful of bars and beer-centric restaurants in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. American Independence Ale will be available in these markets beginning in May.

About Redhook

Redhook was born out of the energy and spirit of the early 80s in the heart of Seattle. While the term didn’t exist at the time, Redhook became one of America’s first “craft” breweries. From a modest start in a former transmission shop in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard, to the current breweries in Woodinville, Wash., and Portsmouth, N.H., Redhook has become one of America’s most recognized craft breweries. While Redhook has “grown up” during the past 30 years, one thing has never changed – Redhook is still brewing great beers like ESB, IPA, Copperhook, Pilsner and seasonal brews. Most importantly, Redhook makes sure to have fun doing it. Redhook's beers are available both on draught and in bottles around the country. For more information, visit http://www.redhook.com/.
To pay tribute to the American revolutionaries who started the home brewing tradition in the United States, Redhook and the American Independence Museum have joined forces to brew American Independence Ale, a true American style pale ale and Redhook’s fourth Brewery Backyard Series release.

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