Monday, November 1, 2010

Voters Needed - Vote YES! on Question #1

As I'm sure all of the readers know that it is the mid-term elections tomorrow, November 2nd. If you are a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, BrewEngland, all of our friends at Massachusetts breweries and small package stores, as well as all the restaurant owners NEED YOUR HELP!

There is a ballot question up for voting tomorrow (technically, there are three) - Question #1, which is to keep or repeal the 6.25% State Sales Tax on beer, wine, and liquor. You see, alcohol has a state excise tax already assessed to it. Massachusetts' consumers have always paid a substantial excise tax on these purchases. In fact, as all of the MA breweries know (but many others may not) that they are taxed on every single barrel of beer that they produce. SO, basically what this means is that the Massachusetts Government is double-taxing everyone who purchases these types of beverages.

Opponents of a "YES" response have said that alcohol is not a necessity - which I agree, it is not; however, it seems pretty illogical that the government can or should be double-taxing it's citizens. The 6.25% Sales Tax also hurts small business, such as the package store owners and restaurant owners, especially along the New Hampshire border. NH has no sales tax - on anything - so MA residents along the border can simply drive across state lines, buy their beer or other beverages, and come back. This loss of sale is devistating to small business owners trying to make a living.

A "YES" vote would repeal the tax, meaning that these business could regain some of their lost customers, and put more money back in the MA resident's pockets. Something we could all use!

SO, we urge you to go to the polls tomorrow! While you're there, vote for Governor, but equally as important VOTE YES! ON QUESTION #1!

(on a side note, a "YES" vote on Question #3 would roll back the State Sales and Use Tax Rate to 3% versus the current 6.25%. Get more information on Question #3 here)


Jenny said...

Thanks for the info! I knew about it, but it's always nice to get another perspective. :)

BrewEngland said...

I'm glad I could help! Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

I voted Yes on 1. I just can't see paying a tax on a tax.