Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bull Jagger Closing Doors

Bull Jagger Brewing Company, a lager-only brewery out of Portland, Maine announced yesterday it is closing its doors and selling off the brewery. My buddy Brian over at Seacoast Beverage Lab hinted at this yesterday, as he saw a Craigslist add out of Portland listing Bull Jagger's brewing equipment up for sale, and the announcement was confirmed by the brewery yesterday on Facebook.

The brewery was founded in the Fall of 2011 and had been turning out 16.9 oz bottles to Main craft beer drinkers by offering up Portland Lager, Big Claw Pilsner, Original No. 19 Baltic Porter, and Dirigo Crimson Lager, among a few other smaller releases.

The Facebook announcement read,

"Friends of Bull Jagger~

As some of you know, the brewery is for sale. Bull and Jagger are going their separate ways, and under the circumstances, we have no choice but to close the company. In the coming weeks, we will have fresh beer to package and sell. Our lagers are and will be available in Maine through our distributor, retailers, and to the public while supplies last.

Tom Bull, co-owner and head brewer, has been asked by the owners of the Big Claw brand to work with another local brewer to brew Big Claw Pilsner (and keep Tom brewing in general) for the coming spring and summers seasons . . . and beyond.

A world of gratitude to all of you who have supported us-- we have learned a lot, laughed a lot, and made lots of new friends along the way.

After the brewery is sold, Tom will regroup and continue to pursue the passion that made him Maine’s 1st all lager craft brewer. Until then, enjoy our local lagers and keep supporting your local craft beers and beer sellers.

Drink up boys and girls, the brewery needs the kegs.


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