Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Boston Lager Coming to Cans

Sam Adams: Now (finally) in a can

By now, you have probably heard that Jim Koch, founder Boston Beer Company, makers of Samuel Adams brand of beers, has announced that Boston Lager will finally be made available in a can. But, not just in any can.

For the past several years, Koch and the team at IDEO - the designers of the Apple mouse, have been working on prototypes. The new Boston Lager can, project code name "Bunker Hill", will feature a tulip shaped top of the can with a wider mouth, forcing drinkers to open their mouths wider and capturing more of the aroma and flavor of this classic lager.

It's a lengthy read, but is really cool. Give it a read at the Boston Globe 99 Bottles Blog here!

Here's an image of the new can, which looks really cool:

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