Thursday, December 13, 2012

Craft or crafty? Consumers deserve to know the truth!

Craft or crafty? Consumers deserve to know the truth : Stltoday

I strongly encourage anyone who sees this post to read the article. Co-Written by Charlie Papazian, President of the Brewers Association, Bob Pease, COO of the Brewers Association, and Dan Kopman, member of the BA Government Affairs Committee and CEO of Schlafly Beer in St. Louis, they aim to shed the light on who is brewing your beer.

Many of you probably are aware that brands such as Blue Moon (a SABMiller product) and that Shock Top (a product of AB In-Bev) are not true craft beers. However, there are millions of beer drinkers that are completely unaware.

If you feel as passionate about supporting local small-business owners and craft beer enthusiasts, PLEASE share this article!

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