Monday, October 1, 2012

Return of the Valley Malt BSA

It is with great pleasure, and yet to our surprise, that we announce the return of the Notch Brewing Valley Malt BSA session beer. The word, as it seemed, was that owner/brewer Chris Lohring had nixed the idea of bringing back this truly seasonal beer. Hell, he basically said so in his February blog post titled "The Death of Seasonal Beers." Nevertheless, we just learned today that the BSA Harvest Ale has been born again as Valley Malt BSA.

Lohring actually made the announcement of the beer hitting shelves, taps, and happy beer drinkers' bellies on September 20th in this blog post, but we missed the announcement. It wasn't until a nice Facebook invitation to the beer launch was sent today where we learned about the beer's return.

With that being said, here are some key details about this week's beer launch:

When: Thursday October 4th at 8pm
Where: Clover HUB 1075 Cambridge Street outside of Inman Square Cambridge, MA
Why: To celebrate the changing of the seasons

Check out the Notch Brewing Facebook page to learn more about the beer and the event!

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